Tetra Pak® Chocolate Enrober enrobing ice cream


Tetra Pak® Chocolate Enrober is perfect for enrobing ice cream and similar products with all types of liquid coating, including small particles. The Tetra Pak Chocolate Enrober is available in five different sizes: a belt width of 385 mm, 600 mm, 1000 mm and 1300 mm (15, 16, 24, 39 and 51 inches).

The liquid coating is continuously circulated from the tank to the nozzles and dip tray. The nozzles are adjustable in all directions so that the coating curtain can be inclined at any angle and positioned to achieve a uniform enrobing of even very irregular shaped product.

We recommend that the products pass through a Tetra Pak® After-Cooler after enrobing for extra hardening. Tetra Pak Chocolate Enrober is equipped with an extremely reliable positive pump specially developed for pumping coatings.

Tetra Pak Chocolate Enrober

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