​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel

Capture new opportunities with patented new design

The Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel lets you make premium uniform high quality ice cream products with large inclusions up to 25 mm in size – at the highest capacity and lowest cost in the industry. It enables you to quickly develop new products in our product development centre – including sandwiches, stick products, bars and slices – with a wide range of sticky, fragile and chunky large inclusions, and combined with liquid ripple. ​​

Chunk challenge

– the secret of single-serve ice cream with large inclusions

Make premium uniform products with inclusions up to 25 mm

A patented stick placement solution secures precise stick position and enables even distribution of inclusions around each stick. The filling nozzle fills each cavity completely and ensures even distribution of large inclusions. The patented wheel design, with its piston and cam system, ensures uniform product thickness, size and shape and eliminates the need for cutting. Instead, a thin heated blade positioned flush with wheel surface releases every ice cream product accurately and gently onto trays. This ensures a smooth product surface and exact positioning for pick-up and further processing.

Single-serve ice cream with large inclusions perfectly aligned on trays

Highest capacity and lowest cost per product in the industry

Produce up to 200 products per minute –12,000 products per lane per hour – on our best-practice extrusion lines, thanks to:

  • Continuous wheel movement – never slows or stops/starts, as opposed to indexing

  • Completely synchronized wheel and tray movement –accurate placement on tray enables 98% line yield and eliminates labour costs for monitoring and product adjustment

  • Fastest start-up in the industry – reach and return to set-point in minutes

Wide range of single-serve ice cream with large inclusions

Quickly develop new products

Easily diversify your product range and meet consumer demands for ice cream with large inclusions. The Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel handles a wide range of large inclusions and liquid ripples and lets you make everything from stick products and sandwiches to bars and slices. Test new ingredients and recipes at our product development centre in Denmark – and get new products to market quickly.

Illustrated article showing the story of large inclusions in ice cream

The journey to super indulgence

Find out who put the first big chunks in ice cream, how consumers embraced it and demanded more – and how technology has developed to make this possible.

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Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel prepared for cleaning in place

Impulse ice creams with large inclusions – three key production challenges

Super-indulgent ice creams with large delicious chunks are in high demand worldwide – and now consumers want their favourite large inclusions inside premium impulse ice creams such as sticks, bars and sandwiches, in addition to the cups and bulk packages already available. Ice cream producers aiming to capture this opportunity, however, face a few key challenges in producing these products cost-efficiently while also meeting consumer demands on quality.

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Tetra Pak® Extrusion Wheel with samples of large inclusions

Patented new design for large ice cream inclusions at highest capacity and lowest cost

The new Tetra Pak Extrusion Wheel lets ice cream producers capture new opportunities – with the large inclusions consumers know and love from bulk and cup ice creams, now in premium impulse ice creams such as sticks and sandwiches. And thanks to patented new design, it does so at the highest capacity and lowest cost per product in the industry.

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