​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® Separators with Encapt™ technology

The most energy efficient high-capacity separators available on the market today​

The combination of AirTight with the patented Encapt​ technology enables superior performance and end-product quality combined with a broad operational flexibility – while using up to 40% less energy than other separators​.

By using low pressure and reduced air friction around the separator bowl, Encapt™ cuts the energy consumption of a Tetra Pak® Separator with AirTight technology by 7-9 kW. This improves both operational cost and environmental impact.

Encapt™ ​technology is available as an option for:

Tetra Pak® Separator H60, H75, D70, BB45, BB55, BM40, BM50, C40, C50, W50, W60, T45, A16 and WD50.

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AirTight and Encapt™ technologies

A winning combination

Today’s energy and environmental concerns call for technology that produces more and consume less

AirTight and Encapt™ – a combination of technologies that does exactly that. More for less.

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Energy savings graph.

Up to 40% energy savings

Advanced engineering

Our AirTight technology means up to 20% less energy consumption as compared to other technical systems. Adding EncaptTM technology cuts that by up to a further 20%.

Numbers refer to a production scenario of hot milk skimming at 55 000 l/h including feed and booster pumps

Low pressure = less friction

Makes the bowl spin more easily

Our Encapt™ technology creates low pressure around the spinning bowl, lowering air friction and thereby reducing energy consumption.

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Encapt™ technology

How does it work?

Product manager Ulrika Rehn explains the technology behind Encapt™ – how we brought outer space into our separators.

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Milk and cream.

Sustained product quality

Absence of air

AirTight technology means that we are not incorporating air into the product during the separation process. This is important for product quality. Air in the product and process could lead to a number of undesirable consequences, such as foam, cavitation, fouling and reduced shelf life.

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AirTight technology

How does it work?

AirTight technology means gentle mechanical product treatment without air incorporation, which also minimizes the risk of damage to the fat globules.

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Dairy products.

Increase operational flexibility

Varying flow rates and speeds

A separator with AirTight technology can handle a wide range of capacities in the same machine with a simple software switch. It can, for example, separate from 20,000 to 70,000 l/h. This is unmatched by any competitor and allows you – for example – to turn your batch cheese process into a continuous whey processing line. Varying speeds = energy savings during CIP. High rotational speed is not always needed, such as during cleaning (CIP). With Tetra Pak® Separators, it is easy to automatically set your CIP bowl speed lower – this allows you to save an additional 2% energy during cleaning.

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Cross section of a Tetra Pak Separator

Extended operational lifetime

Robust bowl design

The bowl is constructed of superior corrosion-resistant material as standard (Duplex and Super Duplex) which is more durable than most of competitors standard solutions. Therefore we have no reported corrosion in the installed base.

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Boost your environment profile

The combination of benefits

The AirTight separator with Encapt™ technology is our most environmentally sound separator ever produced.

Less power

  • Less separation force needed, maximum energy recovery, low friction and efficient co-rotating pumps.

Less water

  • Minimal use of make-up and cooling water

Less waste

  • Accurate discharges and no overflow

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