Raising awareness of FSC™

Around the world we are supporting initiatives that increase understanding of sustainable forestry and encourage consumers to make responsible choices.

​Getting the message across

Malaysia: heading into the forest

Tetra Pak organised a four-day media tour of the Deramakot Forest Reserve, where journalists from five mainstream media outlets got to see at first hand what is involved in managing a Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™)-certified forest. The trip was supported by our partners WWF Malaysia and FSC Malaysia whose Conservation Director and CEO, respectively, also attended.

Turkey: first FSC carton launched

Turkey’s most popular fruit juice, Cappy, is now available in FSC-certified packaging as the result of a collaboration between Tetra Pak and The Coca-Cola Company, which owns the Cappy brand. As the first juice product in an FSC-certified carton for the Turkish market, this collaboration looks set to lead the change as environmental issues become increasingly important to consumers and brands alike.

Hungary: consumers can make a difference

Tetra Pak partnered with Hungarian Elle to mark FSC Friday, a global event held at the end of September each year. A group of conservation-aware celebrities was invited to pose for a nine-page spread in the magazine on the theme of “The forest renews with you”, emphasizing the difference that consumers can make by seeking out FSC-accredited products. The initiative was reported on TV and in the press and a microsite was developed to provide more information for consumers.

Brazil: FSC packages reach new milestone

On FSC Friday 2015 Tetra Pak announced a new milestone in its production of FSC-certified packaging: by the end 2015, the total number of FSC-labelled packages produced in Brazil was projected to reach 10 billion, 6.1 billion of them in the last year alone. In fact, that target was exceeded: by the end of the year 10.3 billion FSC-certified packages had been produced in Brazil. 

Italy: understanding the role of forests

Tetra Pak partnered with FSC Italy, the Municipality of Rome and the Ministry of the Environment to create an immersive exhibition experience set in an ancient glasshouse in Rome. Visitors, including students, civic groups, citizens and companies, were invited to walk through a “tropical forest” to grasp the important role forests play in the world and learn how to preserve them through their daily consumption choices. There was also an “ideal home” fully equipped with FSC-certified products and furniture.

Serbia: bringing the forest to the city

Tetra Pak in Serbia held a month-long FSC-awareness campaign in Belgrade and Novi Sad in November 2015. Promotional activities included setting up “forest corners” in local hypermarkets with information and play areas for children. A story booklet for children was also produced featuring forest stories and carrying the message that it is important to protect our tress and forests. There were ads in targeted media as part of the campaign and the overall aim was to raise consumer awareness of the FSC’s role.

Portugal: a creative approach

As one of their FSC-awareness raising activities, Tetra Pak Portugal has launched a competition for children at schools run by the country’s Eco-Schools Association. The aim is to design and make a fruit out of used Tetra Pak cartons by Compal that carry the FSC label. “Create a fruit, reap the rewards” is a competition with a creative focus on bio-diversity and the FSC ethos. 

Greater Middle East and Africa: good news story

Journalists from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were invited to visit a Swedish forest, nursery and paper mill in order to increase understanding of sustainable forest management. The resulting positive publicity will further boost awareness in the Greater Middle East and Africa cluster, where the proportion of FSC-labelled packages increased dramatically in 2015, from 2.2% to 6.7%, or 1.9 billion packages.