Tetra Pak® Blockformer system 6

When consistent results count

  • Creates cheese blocks of a uniform size and weight
  • Low losses thanks to features like the double action door, interceptor plate and angled ejector block.
  • Food safety is embedded throughout the design, including folded stainless-steel base unit

Tetra Pak® Sistema Blockformer 6 para formação contínua de blocos de queijo

O Tetra Pak® Sistema Blockformer 6 é uma solução pré-fabricada, personalizada e validada para a formação de blocos, que inclui toda a engenharia, tubulação, válvulas etc. para queijo cheddar. Nossas soluções têm respaldo do suporte técnico de longo prazo e garantias de desempenho por escrito. A solução Tetra Pak Sistema Blockformer 6 oferece:

  • Excelente uniformidade do produto
  • Alta capacidade comprovada
  • Alta precisão de peso e consistência
  • Perdas mínimas de produtos
  • Construção robusta e duradoura
  • Operação simplificada e confiável
  • Design aberto, de fácil limpeza
  • Baixo custo de manutenção
  • Impacto ambiental reduzido


Stepper motor

Accurate weight control

A pneumatic drive keeps weight deviations down to a minimum. For accuracy’s sake, the desired cutting height is reached in very small steps – less than a gramme at a time. Having set the maximum block weight, the drive automatically corrects production parameters if the weight exceeds this upper limit.

Built-in interceptor

Reduces maintenance needs and product losses

When the tower has been filled with product, air flows through the system and moves it along. A built-in interceptor plate prevents small particles from being removed along with the air. This is placed at a slight angle in the tower, capturing fines (curd particles) from the airflow, and reducing losses by up to 50%

Guillotine guide

Easy to clean, enhancing food safety

A guillotine in the block cutting area of the machine moves back and forth horizontally, cutting each block of cheese to the exact required height. The guillotine guide has a patented open design, making it easier to clean than guides with a traditional closed design.

Double-action door

Maintains product appearance

Instead of a hinged door, this system has a double-action door, meaning that it is first opened, then lowered. An ejector then pushes the cheese over the transfer plate, into a plastic bag and onto the conveyor belt. One especially smart detail of the design is that the transfer plate is slightly inserted into the door opening to create a flush surface, which ensures the cheese is transferred across smoothly.

Ejector block

Safely collects loose curd particles

The ejector has a gable-shaped top which slopes downwards at the back. This allows any loose curd particles to slide off to the sides and roll to the back of the base unit. They are then carried off to the whey collection tank

Base unit

High hygiene and equipment durability

Engineered by our experts, the design of the base unit is optimized for hygiene, durability and easy maintenance. It is based - as far as possible – on a folded rather than a welded structure. Good hygiene is inherent to the folded structure since its curved corners inhibit the build-up of particles and bacteria. The glands and stainless-steel cylinders are also carefully selected to maximize system durability.

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