Tetra Pak® Food Processor

Get high quality and safety in equipment built to last

  • Suitable for batch production or product pre-treatment in a continuous line
  • Ingredients quality maintained thanks to gentle treatment
  • One machine to thaw, blend, deaerate, evaporate and cool product

Tetra Pak® Processador de alimentos

Equipamento de processamento multifuncional para alimentos preparados.

O Tetra Pak® Processador de alimentos realiza com eficiência o processamento de produtos de baixa a alta viscosidade e com ou sem partículas.



300 l, 1.200 l, 2. 500 l/batelada


Produtos à base de frutas, ensopados, pratos de verduras e legumes, sopas e molhos com partículas, assim como sobremesas, incluindo produtos de arroz


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Versatile design

Can be used for many different types of products

Thanks to gentle heating, cooling and agitation, Tetra Pak® Food Processor can handle the broadest variety of products. During production you can monitor and control all necessary production parameters to ensuring you get the wanted results every time.

Flexible control system

Choice of batch or continuous production

A control system steers and monitor the unit’s functions when it is used in batch production. When integrated in a continuous line solution the Tetra Pak® Food Processor control system can communicate with other equipment in the line with Tetra Pak® PlantMaster or other superior systems.
Horizontal helix agitator

Gentle processing of larger particles

The agitator is designed to keep particle integrity such as berries, meat or diced vegetables. It also moves gently, which minimizes not only particle damage, but also air incorporation. At the same time, it ensures an even distribution of particles. Image: existing animation.
Recipe management

High and repeatable product quality

Production is controlled by pre-set recipes, but there is nonetheless room for flexibility when required. Authorised operators can, if necessary, make adjustments to recipes during production.