Cleaning in place (CIP) refers to all the mechanical and chemical systems necessary to prepare equipment for hygienic food processing that are carried out without dismantling the system.

​​​​​​​Cleaning in place equipment for food safety and accuracy

Our CIP equipment is designed to control the key cleaning parameters with very high accuracy. Parameters include the temperature, flow and concentration of detergent and water, combined with the time the detergent needs to be in contact with soiled equipment in order to clean it.  This makes the cleaning of equipment economical in terms of time spent (thereby increasing production uptime) and minimising the utilities consumed. It also prevents potential food safety risks. CIP takes place either after a processing run – what we call 'normal fouling' - or when switching production from one recipe to another.

Tetra Pak® CIP unit

Tetra Pak® CIP unit P

Tetra Pak® CIP unit P is an advanced automatic cleaning-in-place system used for cleaning process equipment such as filling machines, pasteurisers, sanitary pipes, tanks, aseptic tanks, plate heat exchangers etc.

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