When making cheddar or pasta filata, the whey is removed from the curd using a whey screen and a draining belt. This is called draining. The curd bed is then moved along in a solid mass allowing for acidification i.e. cheddaring and mellowing.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Draining, cheddaring and mellowing equipment​ for cheese

Tetra Pak offers a completely unique processing system for cheddar and pasta filata cheeses - the world’s only continuous production system for such products. This allows producers to achieve very precise salt and moisture content, and a high pH accuracy. A two-belt version is available for pasta filata and a four-belt version with salt dosing for cheddar varieties.

Our draining and cheddaring machines are fully integrated with the up and downstream equipment, ensuring optimum transfer with, for example, overlapping pump-outs.

The alternative, and more common way of draining and cheddaring cheeses is batch production. Tetra Pak also offers processing equipment for this method – which is more suitable for the production of artisanal, low capacity cheese making. In this case, the mellowing and salting are done manually in open finishing vats.

​​​​​​​​Draining, cheddaring and mellowing equipment​

Tetra Pak Draining Matting machine 2

Tetra Pak® Draining Matting machine 2

Tetra Pak® Draining Matting machine 2 is the industry's most versatile curd conveyor offering the flexibility to vary your make from matted to granular curd.

Tetra Pak Salting Mellowing Conveyor 2

Tetra Pak® Salting Mellowing Conveyor 2

The Tetra Pak® Salting Mellowing Conveyor 2 provides the most effective method for achieving and retaining the required amount of salt in the curd.

Tetra Pak Cheddaring machine 5

Tetra Pak® Cheddaring machine 5

The Tetra Pak® Cheddaring 5 machine is designed for continuous production of fused and stirred Cheddar and pasta filata cheese types.

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