​​​​​​​​​​Processing lines for spreadable cheese

Meet your every need in cream cheese and spreadable ​processed cheese production.​

Our multifunctional, state-of the-art technology and expert knowledge help you produce a complete range of products in this fast-moving global market. From classic chilled cream cheese to ambient spreadable processed cheese in aseptic packages. And from fermented varieties to directly acidified types. All with full food safety and outstanding cost-efficiency.


Our spreadable cheese processing lines support a very wide range of capacities, from small batches to high-volume continuous production. Highly versatile, they can produce low- to high-viscous products with different acidities. The lines can produce a complete range of spreadable cheese products – from classic fermented cream cheese made from fresh milk to directly acidified milk-powder-based varieties and processed cheese spreads made from cheese blocks.


Using intelligent line customization to meet your exact product specifications, our lines can produce a full range of cream cheese and spreadable processed cheese products. Our unique food expertise, product development and recipe testing facilities and world-leading knowledge of heat treatment, mixing and ultrafiltration give you extra edge across the category.

Tomato soup with spreadable cheese and herbs.


Our unique strengths in the cornerstone technologies of spreadable cheese processing together deliver unmatched product quality. Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer handles all ingredient types in an ultra-efficient mixing process, while Tetra Pak® Coiled Heat Exchanger ensures a lower heat load. Our ultrafiltration systems raise cream cheese quality thanks to a gentler treatment compared to industry-standard separation.


Naigai tea time.

Movie - Tea time

Adding cream cheese to tea, naigai tea, is a huge trend in China that’s catching on in Europe, too. 

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Bagel with cream cheese.

Opportunities ahead

Spreadable cheese market is a global growth market. Where are the top opportunities?

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Science of mouthfeel infographic.

The science of mouthfeel

The right texture is crucial to how consumers experience cheese spreads. 

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Tetra Pak High Shear Mixer.

We can be heroes

Successful spreadable cheese processing hinges on several ”hero technologies”.

Tetra Pak expert.

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Tetra Classic Aseptic 65 Cube, spreadable cheese

Packaging for spreadable cheese

Tetra Classic® Aseptic is suitable for juice drinks, milk, ice-lollies, spreadable cheese and other viscous products.