Tetra Pak® Continuous Sugar Dissolver

Energy-efficient sugar dissolution

  • Tightly controlled dissolving process enables significant energy savings
  • A continuous system saves operator time and further enhances efficiency
  • Product quality is assured, thanks to the pasteurization and decolourization system

Tetra Pak® Continuous Sugar Dissolver 

Welcome to future-proof efficiency in sugar dissolving with the newest generation of our Tetra Pak® Continuous Sugar Dissolver. The new design maximizes output and cuts costs for huge savings, backed by our unique guarantees on key performance indicators.

Our process and hygienic design expertise enables uncompromising food safety and product quality, yet with full efficiency. And our unique modular concept makes Tetra Pak Continuous Sugar Dissolver highly flexible and easy to expand or upgrade to meet your future needs.

Tetra Albrix offers:

  • Higher operational efficiency
    - Cuts heating energy costs by 42%
    - Cuts cooling energy costs by 55%
    - Cuts CO2 emissions by 62%
    - Cuts raw material costs thanks to greater accuracy
  • Uncompromising food safety and quality
  • Future-proof flexibility with unique modular design

Tetra Albrix is a process module for continuous dissolving and pasteurisation of granulated sugar with a concentration of 60 - 65 Brix. Simple syrup is an essential part of the production of a variety of products such as still drinks, confectionery, jam and carbonated soft drinks.​



Cross-flow filter

Minimizes energy consumption

By allowing you to control the size of the sugar crystals, the cross-flow filter helps keep dissolving time and temperatures down to a minimum – thus saving energy. Smaller crystals can pass through the cross filter and are fully dissolved. If they are not destined for pasteurization, the cross-flow filter inserts can be adjusted down to the point where the largest sugar crystals that can pass through it are under 50 microns (i.e. they dissolve instantly).
Advanced °Brix set point control

Maintains a constant °Brix level; saves energy

Combining accurate density measurements with rapid flow metering, our Advanced °Brix set point control keeps dosing under constant control. Rather than overdosing and diluting at a later stage, it maintains the optimal temperature for the exact amount of sugar you need to dissolve – and thereby saves energy. Since the process is continuous and eliminates the need for manual sampling, it also saves operator time.
Decolourization system

Refines sugar; improves quality

The decolourization system removes colour from the sugar solution. If the sugar’s ICUMSA value is over 35 (and under 400) a good way to decolourize it is active carbon treatment. This involves holding the sugar solution at 85 degrees and transferring it from the pasteurizer to a reaction tank, where active carbon is added. The sugar then needs to be filtered, pasteurized and cooled.

Automatic filling in destination tank

Ease of use

Automatic filling makes the Tetra Pak® Continuous Sugar Dissolver very easy to operate. When the sugar solution is at the right °Brix, the flow is automatically diverted to the destination tank. When the destination tank is full, the Tetra Pak® Continuous Sugar Dissolver stops. As the sugar solution is pumped away for use in production, the level drops and an operator can start up the Tetra Pak® Continuous Sugar Dissolver again. Alternatively, it can be controlled automatically.

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