​​FSC™ certification, labelling and verification

All our paperboard comes from wood from forests certified to FSC™ standards and other controlled sources.​

We see FSC™ as offering a credible universal standard and we actively encourage our customers to display the logo on their packages. Since the introduction of the FSC™ label on our first package in 2007, we have produced over 460 billion FSC™​-labelled packs and deliver ½ billion fully renewable packages in 2018 alone.​


​​​​​​Having achieved full FSC™ Chain of Custody certification for all our operations, we can now supply FSC™-labelled packages from anywhere in the world.

For certification of the Chain of Custody of our own operations, we have chosen to work with the Rainforest Alliance, one of the world’s largest FSC-accredited certification bodies.

  • The FSC™ directly supports the sustainable forest management target under SDG 15, while also contributing to 34 targets under 10 other SDGs

  • Although figures vary across markets, one out of every two consumers globally recognises the FSC™ label and ‘responsible forestry’ comes only second to ‘quality’ as a driver of purchasing decisions

  • During 2018, we increased the share of FSC certified paperboard in our production facilities, giving even more customers the opportunity to use the FSC™ label on their packages.​

The FSC™ licence code for Tetra Pak is FSC® C014047.​​

The Via Initiative: The Positive Impact of Certification

We have long recognised the value of independent certification in the transition to a sustainable future. Last year, we took part in the Value and Impact Assessment, collaborating with the likes of Kingfisher and IDH, to review the scientific evidence of the positive impact of certification of forests. We found that when several companies commit to a sustainable forest standard – such as the FSC™s – it has measurable on-the-ground impact on protecting and securing biodiversity.