Moving To The Front: A call for a new industry commitment to renewability

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Moving To The Front:

​​​​A call for a new industry commitment to renewability

Traditionally, sustainable packaging solutions and innovations have focused on the mid and end part of the life cycle—weight reduction and disposal. That’s why recycling has received important attention from us and from others. While recycling is important to reducing our impact, alone, it’s not enough.

Without losing an inch of ground around recycling and other commitments to reduce our environmental impact, we must now turn our attention to the front end of the life cycle and how materials are sourced. That’s why Tetra Pak launched Moving To The Front - a campaign inviting suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, NGOs and others to expand attention from the mid and end of the packaging life cycle to the beginning.

Moving To T​he Front highlights the need for broader embrace and acceptance of industry practices that focus on the importance of material sourcing in protecting our world’s limited natural resources and how these practices can create long-term shared value for businesses and society.​

Tetra Pak asked, you answered.

Can improved resource management create greater supply stability and better future growth for companies? We surveyed the consumer goods products industry for their views.

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The packaging lifecycle

Businesses can become leaders and protect their long-term sustainability by transitioning from the linear ‘take, make, dispose’ model for packaging to a circular, restorative model that considers every stage of the package life cycle. In particular, businesses could shift the traditional focus from the end of the package life cycle to the beginning, by considering the raw materials and quantity used in the creation of a package.

The main role of a package is to protect the product within, but as long as this is upheld, the sourcing of raw materials and renewability can become a priority.

Moving To The Front: The video story

See the story of resource scarcity and its implications for the ongoing viability and business growth of consumer packaged goods companies. Making different choices today will help build a better world for tomorrow.