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Eggs on white background

Eggs - a good source of nutrition with high-quality proteins

Eggs are an exceptionally good and well-balanced source of nutrition with high-quality proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, sugars, minerals, and vitamins. Egg is also a great emulsifying agent and can be added to many different foods for better functional properties. With the use of membrane filtration, fresh eggs can be separated and/or concentrated to produce various dried egg products for the food industry.

First, the whole eggs must be separated into egg whites and yolks. Then, the egg whites must be clarified, since poorly clarified egg whites will reduce plant capacity. The clarification can be done either by centrifuges or in some cases by membrane filtration, depending on the quality and type of feed product. After this, the clarified egg whites can be fed into a membrane filtration plant for concentration of solids.

Eggs whites are used in the baking, confectionary, mayonnaises, and dressings industries.

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