We have more ways for you to express the unique identity of your brand. Discover different products and packages to personalize the brand experience for your consumers.

Gain visibility without new investment

Discover more possibilities to revitalise the look of your brand with our growing portfolio of packaging material effects! Experiment with the different ways to stand out without changing your packaging lines, or making any heavy investments.

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Enhance your brand’s expression

Store shelves are cluttered. Consumer attention is difficult to catch. That’s why we created Tetra Pak® Artistry – a new portfolio of packaging material products that let you convey your brand’s unique identity and expression.

The new and expanding packaging effects portfolio will be available for a growing range of packages in many shapes and sizes.

No investments needed

Experiment with new designs. Or change existing ones to match the occasion, as often as you like.

Full flexibility at your fingertips: Tetra Pak® Artistry products let you evolve your package designs without any new installations or investments – you just plug and play.


Tetra Pak® Craft – embrace simplicity

Offered in natural colour variations, Tetra Pak® Craft quickly communicates your brand values with this authentic-looking packaging. Complete the look with caps and packaging material from renewable sources.

Tetra Pak® Reflect – take the spotlight

With its holographic effect, Tetra Pak® Reflect puts your package in the spotlight – making it a true attention-grabber on the store shelf.

Tetra Pak® Metallized – a premium look

A deluxe look for great shelf impact – that’s Tetra Pak® Metallized. Play around with the visual experience and make your design pop with light or dark colours.

More effects coming soon!

Our range of effects, patterns and package options will continue to grow over the upcoming months, offering you new and exciting possibilities to express your unique brand identity.

One of the packaging effects coming soon is Tetra Pak® Sculpt – an embossed surface texture designed for a smooth, tactile experience.


Four packages creating a message

Stand out on the shelf

Your package can become a billboard space. Using your creativity there’s no limit to what you can do to make your brand shine.

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Package layers

Paperboard at the core

The main material in our packages is paperboard. Discover what more is needed to create a package.

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Tetra Prisma® Aseptic Al Rabie

Al Rabie shines bright with Tetra Pak® Reflect

Al Rabie has launched a new sports drink, Vitality C, in Tetra Prisma® Aseptic with Tetra Pak® Reflect, our innovative new holographic packaging material

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