Best-practice high-capacity extrusion lines

Highest performance at lowest cost

With the highest capacity in the world, our high-capacity extrusion lines can produce up to 43,200 ice cream products per hour.

The lines allow great flexibility in switching between sticks and sandwiches, as well as handling up to 4 flavours and up to 12 different coatings.

60% more products can be produced with only 44% more energy which give reduced operational cost as well as improved environmental impact.

With our high-capacity extrusion lines, manpower costs are also reduced by 40%. Thanks to automation of previously manual operations, thanks to easy supervision and thanks to easy machine access for cleaning and maintenance, only 3 operators are needed

Our new, robust lines are based on the best proven solutions in the industry. And these new lines reach a whole new level of extrusion technology innovation, with:

  • Optimal hardening thanks to intelligent product placement and evaporator design

  • A smart combination of robot technology and mechanical design

  • Computer-based synchronization of machines High process repeatability thanks to the computer controls

Tetra Pak Dip and Transfer unit A3 for ice cream

Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit

A whole new level in dipping technology

The new Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit – one of the cornerstones of our new high-capacity extrusion lines – represents a whole new level in dipping technology, with high precision for exceptionally consistent product quality, great flexibility to change products, and trouble-free operation.

Accurate dipping means full control of every dipping parameter: time, temperature and position, which is a key to securing consistent product quality. All kinds of coating processes are possible – from a single chocolate dip to special multi-dips.

With full control, you can make adjustments on the fly, you get gentle handling of dipping media, and no aeration in the dip. There’s even an optional dip-tip control, so you avoid getting a chocolate tip on top of the product.

And the temperature control is maintained even during shutdown, thereby reducing waste.

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How it works, ice cream extrusion line

How it works

The lines consist of well-known modules such as the Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer A2, the Tetra Pak® Automatic Stick single unit, combined with new modules mostly built on well-known technology such as our Tetra Pak® Multilane Wrapper A2 (which now has additional lanes), Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnel A3 (which features an additional row of products, making a total of 4 rows), and the Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit A3, where robustness and operator-friendliness are outstanding.

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