Our technology provides the lowest TCO, consistent product quality, maximum flexibility, reduced environmental impact and guaranteed performance for recombined milk production.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Processing applications for ​​​​​recombined milk

Many global markets lack the conditions – geography and climate – for producing their own fresh milk, or may have uneven milk production that must be complemented in other ways. Or they may find the distances to transport fresh milk are too great to be feasible.​​

At the same time, awareness of the value of milk as a source of protein and other nutrients is growing worldwide. Consequently, the market for recombined milk is growing, consumers have higher demands on quality and value, and the authorities are raising their own demands, including those related to the environment.​​

That’s why Tetra Pak, with over 60 years of experience in creating solutions for efficient dairy production, has developed a complete portfolio of outstanding solutions for recombined milk, as well as UHT. Our unparalleled expertise enables leaner and smarter line configurations – solutions that balance your budget with your performance targets, so that you never pay for more than you need, and you always get value for what you pay for – the lowest possible total cost of ownership.​​

Thanks to unique technology, we can offer you exceptional production availability, efficiency and flexibility, as well as consistent product quality and minimized environmental impact. Moreover, we never compromise on food safety. ​​​

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Best-practice lines for recombined milk

We believe that your optimal solution is one that matches your specific production needs today and for the future – to make you more innovative, more effective and more competitive. And we believe that this optimal solution is born in applying our vast knowledge and complete range of innovative technology for food production in a close partnership with you.

Batch production+

Batch production

Batch production is the traditional approach to recombined milk. It gives you the lowest investment cost, but the operational costs are generally high. Batch production is a great solution for small volumes. Tetra Pak can also offer this configuration with elimination of the pasteurization step.

Continuous single-stream blending – with OneStep technology +

Continuous single-stream blending – with OneStep technology

This configuration for continuous single-stream blending also means a low investment cost and a significantly lower total cost of ownership, thanks to OneStep technology. It has a small footprint, yet achieves high capacity, and it’s possible to upgrade to our multi-stream line configuration for higher blending accuracy and flexibility.

Continuous multi-stream blending – with OneStep technology+

Continuous multi-stream blending – with OneStep technology

This is the configuration that gives you everything: the lowest total cost of ownership (which means the highest efficiency). You get high accuracy, which assures consistent product quality and significant ingredient savings. Of course you get high capacity and a small footprint. And you get exceptional flexibility.