Tetra Top® carton bottle with bio-based polymers makes its debut

JUST® water has launched in the US with a new version of the Tetra Top® package made up of over 80% plant-based materials.

​​​​​​​​Innovation in action

Tetra Pak has introduced a new Tetra Top® carton bottle comprising 82% materials from renewable sources: the latest in a long line of environmentally responsible packaging innovations. The cap and top of the carton are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from sugar cane. This, along with the Forest Stewardship Council​™ (FSC™)-certified paperboard used for the main sleeve of the carton, has significantly increased the proportion of materials from renewable sources from 53% to 82%. The package is also recyclable where facilities are available.

The use of renewable materials that are continuously replenished, such as wood fibre from trees or bio-based plastic from sugarcane, plays an important role in reducing resource scarcity and mitigating climate change.​ The environmental profile of carton bottles was a crucial factor for our customer JUST water​ in choosing first Tetra Top and now the new 500 Midi version with bio-based polymers, for their sustainably sourced 100% spring water.

Focus on sustainability

The Tetra Top® 500 Midi carton bottle reflects JUST water’s values of responsibility and transparency, while delivering a great environmental profile. “This bottle innovation significantly reduces the product’s carbon footprint, which aligns with our business ethos,” says Grace Jeon, CEO of JUST. “Beyond having a vendor, we found a true partner in Tetra Pak.” 

Not only does the package itself break new ground, the product – 100% spring water sourced from upstate New York – represents a new category that offers significant opportunities for the future. As Product Manager Helena Kron-Benteke notes, now that Tetra Pak has broken into the US market with Tetra Top, “We are hoping to pave the way for carton bottle with other customers and other categories, such as dairy.”

The reaction to date has been very positive: at the end of 2015, JUST water was named a favourite new beverage of the year by the readers of Beverage Industry magazine. “Consumers choose JUST water because they appreciate its brand values and want this to be reflected in the whole user experience,” says Charles Brand, Executive Vice-President Product Management and Commercial Operations. 

“We are pleased to have come up with a package that is aligned with this focus without compromising convenience and functionality. Packages made from renewable materials are not only good for the environment, they also offer our customers a competitive advantage as consumers increasingly look to make more environmentally sound choices.” Along with the Tetra Rex® Bio-based package, this is another significant milestone in Tetra Pak’s long-term ambition to provide 100% renewable packaging across our product portfolio.