Tetra Pak® Cheese Vat Yieldmaster 2


  • 市場で最も生産性の高いバット
  • 38,555 kg(85,000 lb)、入手可能な最大のチーズバット
  • 数十年のエンジニアリング実績に基づく耐久性

Tetra Pak® チーズバットイールドマスター 2


Tetra Pak® チーズバットイールドマスター 2 は、チェダー、モッツァレラ、コルビー、ミュエンスタ、ブリック、ジャック、プロヴォローネ、パルメザン、ロマーノ、スイス、低脂肪、および無脂肪チーズなど、幅広い種類のチーズ製造に適しています。 優れたチーズの製造品質と完全な機械的な処理を伴った経済的パフォーマンスを提供するように設計され、チーズの脂肪保持、粒子の生成、簡単な洗浄、衛生、全体的な耐久性、初期設備投資、および継続的な保守費用などの諸課題に対処できるよう特別に設計されています。



Dual counter-rotating agitators

Optimal curd creation, cutting and pump-out

Counter rotating agitators achieve optimal mixing, which reduces rennet mixing time and makes it possible to predict the correct time for cutting. Optimal mixing also eliminates swirl in the vat, which reduces cutting time, gives a more consistent curd size, lower fat loss, and reduced fine creation. Finally, uniform mixing enables more consistent down-stream processing in belt machines.

Hot water heat transfer

Gentle and accurate cooking

We offer a choice of steam or hot water heat transfer. In our premium hot water vat, heat is transferred by a custom-engineered heat exchanger integrated into the vat wall. Unlike some laminar flow systems, this method effectively utilizes all the available surface area, providing gentle heating - without the risk of overheating and subsequent fat losses.

Patented seal design

Lowest maintenance of any cheese vat

Our unique seal has been proven in hundreds of machines and over millions of hours of equipment operation. When properly maintained, its superior design eliminates leaks. A leak detection port gives advance warning if maintenance is needed. While one side of the agitator contains a seal, the other is supported with a USDA-accepted internal bearing design – which can be inspected from the outside the vat.

Vat design

Maximizes yield, relative to footprint

Every aspect of the vat is designed to maximize yield in relation to floor space. The dual barrel main body allows for a high production volume. A slope-to-centre drain enables a wide variety of piping layouts, making it possible to optimize layout in new plants and adding flexibility to existing plants. The drain is positioned to save as much of the precious curd as possible during the final rinse-out. Finally, thanks to their small surface area the blades also help minimize losses.