​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Power up with Te​​tra Rex® ​line performance

Based on close dialogue with customers since 2013, we have developed and successively implemented a comprehensive upgrade kit that is free for all Tetra Pak® TR/27 and Tetra Pak® TR/28​ users. Improvements in six key areas combine to optimize running time between stops and maintenance, to ensure a long, healthy machine lifetime and ultimately boost machine mechanical efficiency – to 93% for the Tetra Pak TR/27 and 91% for the Tetra Pak TR/28.​​

View video with our customer Valio in Finland and read customer case​: Power up, Tetra Rex line performance​ (pdf)

​​Valio gets top efficiency and huge reduction in stops

​The challenge

Valio’s production plant in Jyväskylä produces and packs fresh products including milks, sour milks, creams and yoghurts in Tetra Rex filling machines and Tetra Rex packaging. Valio aimed to upgrade filling machine mechanical efficiency from their existing performance level of 87.8% by minimizing stops and making the daily work for operators more efficient.

The solution

Valio was one of our first customers to receive upgrade kits for all installed filling machines. The improvements in the Tetra Pak TR/27 and Tetra Pak ​TR/28 upgrade kit were designed to minimize stops and maximize running time. Improvements to the cap applicator function especially, was one of the crucial elements to improving Valio’s MME.

The result

Today the machines perform on a top level with an MME of 93.1%. In addition, since the upgrade was installed, stops caused by the cap applicator have dropped by 700%. Valio is pleased with the results and highly values the robustness and hygiene of the Tetra Rex solution as well as the partnership and dialogue with our service engineers to achieve these improvements. Before upgrade – 87.8% MME and after upgrade – 93.1% MME.