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Choose from our growing range of Best-​practice lines – field proven Tetra Pak technology ready to customize. Want big particles, high viscosity or a perfectly smooth mouthfeel? Batch or continuous? Either way you get best practice in terms of food safety, efficiency, product quality and environmental performance. Not to forget the years of application expertise made available through our people.

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We provide complete solutions and processing equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages and prepared food. You provide old favourites or new recipes filled with your own brand of passion and uniqueness. That’s a great way of creating success together.

The magic inside Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezers

The process of producing ice cream is highly complex. The producers need to control the structure of fat globules, ice crystals and air bubbles to be able to produce exceptional ice cream at the lowest cost. It is about finding the right balance between cost and quality in the desired ice cream matrix. We have deep knowledge and understanding of this ice cream science, and our freezers are a result of that.

Recent news and innovations

Standardization unit continuous protein control

Standardization unit continuous protein control

Tetra Pak Standardization unit with continuous protein control is the only method for the continuous accurate measurement and control of protein Read more

Polynode technology

Polynode technology

Polynode technology is a major innovation in separator disc design enabling higher capacity, improved skimming performance, cleanability and hygiene Read more

Tetra Pak spreadable cheese lines

Tetra Pak spreadable cheese lines

Uniquely flexible multifunctional processing lines from Tetra Pak capable of producing all types of cream cheese and spreadable processed cheese. Read more

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”It’s a great product idea. How can we realise it?”

Extend your R&D capabilities at one of our Product Development Centres. Shorten your product development time. Or fine-tune your recipes and processes to make your products taste, look and behave just right, with the right economy.

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Tetra Therm Aseptic

”We need more capacity, now!”

”We need more capacity, now!” Start from one of our 50 Best-practice lines, or from a single equipment module. Meet performance criteria for parameters such as running time, food safety, consistent quality, energy consumption and full automation. All in a customized solution.

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Efficient processing cuts waste and saves energy, water, and costs.

We can provide complete solutions to transform your bottom line. Our holistic approach starts on the factory floor, where we can improve efficiencies across food safety, product quality and environmental performance.

Partner with us to share our expertise and experience in improving sustainability performance.

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