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The future is digital

The future of the food industry is undoubtedly digital. Digital technologies will enable food and beverage manufacturers to tackle many of the challenges they face today such as:

  • increasing monitoring of the entire value chain

  • improving transparency and tracking each product individually

  • improving quality control to reduce the risk of food safety issues

  • connecting to consumers more effectively in new ways

  • reducing waste and achieving true circularity

Tetra Pak® Connected Package

Digitalisation is changing the role of packaging. The Connected Package allows food and beverage producers to turn their packages into full-scale data carriers offering increased traceability, and value for each stakeholder in the entire value chain.

No longer is packaging only about product protection and functionality – it is about connectivity and unleashing unlimited possibilities.

Intelligent packages

Packages are rapidly transforming into channels for information and interaction

Packages are evolving into digital carriers of information. It began with the codified package with a printed code but with limited connectivity.

The connected package is the next step by combining our platform with the unique code printed on each package for end-to-end traceability and consumer engagement. In future, the intelligent package will become feasible based on a complete connection to the Internet of Things. This will enable packages and devices to talk to each other thus providing new levels of service and insights for customers and consumers.

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Value chain from farm to recycling

Connected Package platform

Driven by the digital trends behind Industry 4.0, and with code generation, digital printing and data management at its core, the Connected Package platform launched by Tetra Pak will bring new benefits to food manufacturers, brand owners, retailers/e-tailers and consumers.

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For manufacturers/brand owners

The new Connected Package platform will enable end-to-end traceability to improve production efficiency, increase quality control and transparency. Manufacturers will have the ability to track and trace the history and location of any product, making it possible to monitor for market performance and any potential issues.

Supply chain retailers

For retailers/e-tailers

It will offer greater supply chain visibility and real-time insights, enabling retailers or e-tailers to track stock movements, be alerted when issues occur, and monitor delivery performance. Full transparency throughout the entire supply chain will become possible.

From farm to recycling

For consumers

It will mean the ability to access vast amounts of information such as where the product was made, the farm that the ingredients came from and where the package can be recycled. And it also gives a direct connection to their favourite brands through fun games and apps where they can give feedback.


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The Tetra Pak® Connected Package platform brings you solutions such as Consumer Engagement and Track & Trace. Behind every solution, lies our integrated offer: a combination of hardware and software that gives you everything you need to get started. This includes the equipment for generating and printing a unique digital ID on every package, customisable mobile/web apps, tools for data management, and a dashboard for real-time results monitoring. Designed specifically for the food and beverage industry based on our vast knowledge, the Tetra Pak® Connected Package platform is available all over the world and scalable to your needs.

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Consumer Engagement

The Connected Package becomes a gateway to exciting new digital product experiences, enables finely targeted and rapidly adjustable marketing campaigns using real-time feedback, supports relevant information to confirm product authenticity and build brand trust.

Track and trace code

Track & Trace

The unique code on each package enables end-to-end traceability and value delivery across the ecosystem by providing supply chain visibility, inventory management and distribution intelligence, claims management and targeted product recalls, product source/process transparency and recycling information.


Get a glimpse into the future: imagine how interactive labels could increase consumer engagement and meet consumers’ needs for product information.

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Consumer Engagement through interaction with connected packages

Our solutions cover product information, promotions, games, loyalty programmes and more.

What are the four main benefits for brand owners?

  • Differentiate your products and grow your business.

  • Engage directly with consumers, understand who they are and what they like (fun Augmented Reality and personalised experiences).

  • Use real-time data and make your campaigns more successful.

  • Confirm authenticity and origin of your products to strengthen trust in your brand.

Technical paper, connected package

Technical paper: Intelligent packaging

This paper discusses how digital technologies made possible by the Industry 4.0 revolution are offering manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and consumers new ways to interact with each other and understand how products are produced, distributed, consumed and recycled. All this thanks to greater connectivity and the connected package.

webinar the connected package

Webinar: How is digitalisation changing the role of packaging?

In this webinar, we look at how to unleash new opportunities to get more value from packaging. No longer is it only about product protection and functionality – it is about connectivity. Packaging is evolving through the advance of digitalisation. The digital journey has three fundamental phases, codified, connected, intelligent package and this webinar focuses on the second phase: the connected package.

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Recipe for a successful promotion

Here is an example of what it takes to create an interactive Scan & Win promotion.

  • Generate and print unique ID on each package.

  • Add our ready-to-use mobile application.

  • Let the consumers scan the code and win prizes.

  • Control the whole promotion at the customer portal, where you collect real-time data.

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Customer cases

94% of users completed a quiz when a European dairy company ran a scan and win promotion. The quiz had an educational role to highlight the benefits of the products promoted in the campaign. Read full customer case

A dairy company in China created brand loyalty with a new generation of Chinese consumers using a scan and win promotion. The yoghurt sales went up by 12%. Read full customer case

Find out how a dairy producer in Southern Europe boosted sales by 16% using our Scan & Win Consumer Engagement solution. Read full customer case

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Customer cases

Thousands of consumers took part in a connected package campaign in Latin America. They scanned packages to generate points for a good cause. Brand awareness increased dramatically as well as goodwill. Read full customer case

Sales went up by 18% when one of our customer in Central America followed up a launch of a high-protein milk with a scan and win promotion. They used relevant content and attractive prizes to engage the consumers. Read full customer case

Discover how a Scan & Win campaign in Central America gained 6,800 registered users. Read full customer case

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