Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnel M3

Flexible production, with growth potential

  • Meets your present and future needs, thanks to easy add-on of extra modules
  • High capcity in relation to footprint - 275 products / m2 / hour
  • Modular design and easy cleaning deliver product versatility with secure product changeovers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnel M3

Tray tunnel system for ice cream production

The Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnel M3 is a tray tunnel system for the extrusion, shaping, filling, decorating and hardening of ice cream products including ball-top cones, desserts, wafer cups, sandwiches, cakes and logs, slices, bite sizes, stick products and candy bars. ​​



Up to 24,000 products/hour


Ice cream sticks, sandwiches, cones, wafer cups, candy bars, slices, bite size, cakes, and logs


Modular design

Easily adapted to meet a range of production needs

The unit is designed in modules to maximize versatility with regard to the product. The layout of the equipment and its placement on the worktable can all be varied to enable the production of several kinds of ice creams

Servo cutter

Precisely repeatable production

The servo cutter slices the extruded ice cream with a high degree of precision every time independed of speed on line (standard deviation below 1%). This, combined with the fact that the Tetra Pak® freezer upstream delivers a well mixed and consistent stream of product, means that every single ice cream coming off the line is the correct and the same size

Start-up process design

Enhances hygiene and minimizes product losses

Preparation for production is carried out outside the tray to ensure safe and clean start-up without the risk of contamination. As the ice cream mixture enters the extrusion nozzles, they are gradually cooled down. When they reach the right temperature and fill out the nozzle to form the correct product shape, the operator can move the nozzles over the product trays and set the cutter in motion.

Worktable-equipment interface

Easy switch between different product types

This unit has a well-defined and standardized interface between the equipment and the worktable. It consists of identical mounting points where the equipment used to create (and differentiate) products is mounted. Production is easily varied, simply by switching and moving fillers, decoration equipment, biscuit dispensers etc.
Lubrication-free tunnel

Hygienic production

To prevent the risk of black spots, no lubrication is used inside the tunnel. Only lubrication free components are used on the inside, while the main drive is placed outside the freezing zone - which also facilitates maintenance.

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