Milk Powders and Substitutes

Milk Powders and Substitutes

We supply different types of milk powders, but our main and best selling product is, SMP substitute: Luxilac™


In order to improve the profitability of ice cream production we have introduced a number of substitutes with different levels of protein and fat content that should satisfy the individual requirements in ice cream making. We call our substitutes LuxiLac™ and our products keep a high level of performance on five main parameters:

  1. Mouth feel,
  2. Creaminess,
  3. Heat shock stability,
  4. Melting resistance,
  5. Water binding capacity

LuxiLac™ is a Functional Milk Protein, substituting milk powders partly or fully. Please contact your market responsible at Danice to get further information.

Coconut oil

Oils & Fats

Our fats can be bought in solid or fluid form. We offer a variety of different types of fats for your ice cream mix and production of coatings:

  • Milkfat
  • Butter fat
  • Palm(kernel)oil
  • Coconut oil

Our vegetable fat products, Iceoil, are very good substitutes for butter fat at lower price. Please contact your market responsible at Danice to get more information.

Stabilizers and emulsifiers

Stabilizers and emulsifiers

Stabilizers and emulsifiers are essential for the quality of your products. We supply stabilizers and emulsifiers, integrated, blended or single ingredients, for:

  • Ice cream
  • Sherbet and sorbet
  • Water ice
  • Dairy products
  • Desserts
  • Sauces and dressings
  • Juices
  • Cheese

We are particularly strong in stabilizer and emulsifier systems for frozen applications. We have solutions for bulk, extruded or moulded ice cream products as well as for special products, like low fat, high overrun and chewy ice cream.

ice cream with chocolate coating

Ripples and coatings

Ripples and coatings exist in a broad variety of fruit tastes and caramel or chocolate - they give a more exciting taste and attract the customer at the same time. Our ripples and toppings for the ice cream industry have the following important characteristics:

  1. Excellent taste,
  2. Smooth texture,
  3. Suitable for pumping at different temperatures,
  4. Excellent freezing ability (do not harden when frozen)

Always uniform quality

Our coatings, real chocolate or compound types, are suitable for the following applications:

  1. Moulded products,
  2. Extruded products,
  3. Center fillings,
  4. Nitrogen dip,
  5. Candy bar topping
Wooden Sticks

Wooden Sticks and Spoons

Our popular sticks and spoons are made of beech or birch in different shapes and sizes. Optionally, it is possible to brand the stick with your logo - on one or both sides - in order to remind the end-user of your brand.

Ice cream sundae with topping, sauce and nuts

Inclusions for ice cream

To add more value or even give the ice cream its personality, you can include dry ingredients like nuts or other inclusions with surprising tastes and consistency, e.g. chocolate chips, marshmallows, small candies and biscuit pieces.

Dark and white chocolate bars

Cocoa products

We supply both natural and alkalized cocoa powder with different ph-value and fat content, as well as cocoa butter and mass.

We source cocoa products of different origins, e.g. European, Far Eastern and South American.

Please specify your application together with your inquiry.

freezer, distribution equipment for ice cream

Distribution equipment

All thinkable distribution equipment, like chest freezers, is important in the selling moment. Let us assist you choosing the right products for your purpose.

With regard to distribution, we can evaluate your existing systems and recommend measures for improvement, as well as supply new and cost-effective distribution equipment.

Ice cream sandwiches

Biscuits and sandwiches

Our biscuits are crunchy and do not absorb humidity in ice cream. Choose the right size, colour, taste and format for your special products. You can get your logo on the biscuits to make your sandwich ice cream more appealing, and take advantage of the brand building as well.

We do also supply biscuits that can be soft on ice cream, and brownie type (American standard).

Paper cups for ice cream

Packaging materials for ice cream products

Packaging of your ice cream products has several functions, among other to promote and sell them.

Please consult with us first, if you are in the market for:

  • Cone sleeves
  • Squeeze-ups
  • Cups
  • Containers - with our without IML (In Mould Label)
  • OPP wrapping paper
Sundry equipment

Sundry equipment for ice cream production

To run an ice cream production it is necessary to have many different objects apart from e.g. the adequate raw materials and ingredients. To mention a few: gloves, shoes, cold store clothing, hairnet, rubber tubes, etc.

We can provide you with all these items, and many more, on your demand.

Fresh fruit in bowl

Flavours and colours

There exist more than 1000 different flavours and colours for your ice cream production! Contact us if you need to find a new one or replace existing types - natural or artificial.


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