Tetra Pak® Clarifiers

AirTight design for high profitability

  • Excellent product quality since hermetic seals prevent intake of destructive air
  • AirTight technology enables superior clarification efficiency
  • Clarifiers designed for unmatched flexibility in both capacity and recipe range

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® Clarifiers for milk and whey

Milk clarification

The main purpose of milk clarification is to remove impurities. Many clarifiers can only be used for either hot or cold milk, but with Tetra Pak® Clarifiers, you can process both. The efficiency of the removal of smaller particles increases with the temperature, and the most efficient reduction of leucocytes and bacteria is achieved at 50–60 °C.​​​​​

Whey clarification

To maintain optimum fat separation and long run times, it is​ necessary to remove cheese fines from the whey before it reaches the whey separator. Installing a centrifugal clarifier upstream of the whey separator is the most effi​​cient way to remove cheese fines. Clarification normally takes place at the same temperature as whey separation, i.e. at vat temperature.


Units for removing impurities such as bacteria, somatic cells, red blood corpuscles, straw and seeds, sand and dirt and cows hair

15,000 l/hr to 70,000 l/hr

Dairy milk​



Hermetic inlet seals

Superior product clarification and energy efficiency

Outside the clarifier, the piping is connected to a rotating spindle by hermetic seals. This prevents any air from entering the clarifier and any product from leaking out. The absence of air minimizes the risk of reducing particle and aggregate size. It enables better clarification efficiency at a lower rotation speed and hence lowers energy consumption.

Hollow spindle

Gentle treatment safeguards product quality

By contrast to competing models, in Tetra Pak® Clarifiers the product enters the bowl smoothly and accelerates gradually as it passes through the rotating spindle. This, combined with the absence of air in the system, means the product is handled gently. This ensures that the size of particles and aggregates is always maintained.

Corrosion resistant bowl

Increases bowl lifetime, saves money

Thanks to the AirTight technology upon which they are based, Tetra Pak® Clarifiers offer a superior clarification efficiency at a lower speed. This enables the use of a steel quality with higher corrosion resistance, which, in turn lengthens the lifetime of the bowl.

Hermetic outlet seals

Maintains product quality

The product exits the clarifier via hermetic outlet seals. This prevents overflow. It also prevents unwanted air entering the machine, which could split the fat globules and cause product foaming downstream.

Product discharge pump

Enables flexibility and low energy consumption

The product leaves the clarifier through a rotating pump. The use of a pump - as opposed to the paring disc - makes it possible to run a wide range of capacities in the same machine without any mechanical alterations. It also increases energy efficiency.


Encapt (TM) technology

Revolutionary energy-saving technology for high-capacity separators

By lowering pressure and reducing air friction around the separator bowl, EncaptTM cuts the energy consumption of a Tetra Pak® Separator with AirTight technology by up to 40% compared to other separators.* This improves both operational cost and environmental impact. It is achieved through a combination of a low-pressure pump, discharge pump, water lock and hermetically sealed outlet

*Numbers refer to a production scenario of hot milk skimming at 55 000 l/h including feed and booster pumps.

INSTAL module

Decreases installation time

The INSTAL module is delivered as an assembled and pre-tested unit ready for production.

Consists of:

  • Stainless-steel frame
  • All peripherals necessary for operations
  • Assembly and pre-testing

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