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Environment Awareness Programme

We are convinced that developing innovative, resource-efficient solutions is imperative for good business, and will strengthen our customers’ competitiveness. Our 2020 environmental targets focus on developing sustainable products, reducing environmental footprint across the value chain and increasing recycling. Read about​ our progress.​​

Read our Environmental Research 2017 (consumers and influencers) (pdf)

Find out more about our recycling activities​ around the world.

​Life of a Carton, the Tetra Pak Way​​

Get to know our cartons better and learn what “Life of a Carton, the Tetra Pak Way” truly means. ​

Learn more about the life of a package​.​

​Tetra Pak constantly seeks ways to engage with individuals and organizations to raise environmental awareness and help bring positive change to the environment and our community. And we believe innovative and fun approaches are the best way to do it.

The CAREton Project

In 2015, Tetra Pak (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. with MILO® UHT's support exceeded its target to collect 8.5mil used drink packs from the public and recycle them into 1,150 roofing tiles towards a commitment of 25 home builds for affected flood victims in the east coast with CAREton Project 2015. By the end of December, the Project had collected 9.3mil used drink packs.

CAREton Photo 1

​Tetra Pak, with the support of MILO® UHT, then matched the targeted amount of roofing tiles raised by the public, thus increasing the number of houses which can be constructed up to a total of 50 homes. Social enterprise EPIC Homes, which has collaborated with The CAREton Project for the past two years to build homes for the Orang Asli communities, will assist to build the homes for the east coast flood victims as well as managing the distribution of the roofing tiles to other villages that are in need. 

For every drink pack you recycle under the CAREton Project, we will recycle it​ ​into roofing tiles at our recycling partner, KPT Recycle S/B’s facility for donation to EPIC Homes to build homes for those in need.
Every drink pack counts. Recycle now to help put roof over heads!​ ​​

​Got a Drink Pack?

The announcement follows the success of The CAREton Project in 2014, when it surpassed collection targets by almost 40% totalling 7.2mil drink packs. This contributed to 20 home builds for underprivileged Orang Asli communities in Batang Kali, also by EPIC Homes. 

Each nine by four feet roofing tile requires 7,247 recycled drink packs to make and is made out of compressed poly aluminium – a lightweight, water and heat resistant, and highly durable material. The drink packs are recycled at KPT Recycle Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia’s largest carton recycling facility and Tetra Pak recycling partner. Tetra Pak drink packs are 75% paper, 20% plastic, 5% aluminium and 100% recyclable.

CAREton photo 2

So instead of throwing away your drink packs to end up in a landfill, recycle them now to help us put roofs over heads. And spread the word to your families and friends. Every drink pack counts.


From Drink Packs to Dream Homes

To some, a dream home simply means a place to come home to, a place of refuge and comfort. ​​Not everybody has a place they can call their home. The CAREton Project aims to narrow that​ gap. But how exactly does a drink pack become a dream home?

Please click on image to view the infographic in detail.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the CAREton Project can do so by dropping off their used beverage cartons at various collection points under the CAREton Partners network. Once collected, the assigned collectors will then bring the used beverage cartons to a dedicated beverage carton recycling facility in Klang, operated and owned by KPT Recycle S/B. The collected beverage cartons will then be processed into roofing tiles at this facility.

Tetra Pak beverage cartons are 75% paper, 20% plastic and 5% aluminium. At the beverage carton recycling facility, the hydrapulper processing separates the paper (pulp) from the plastic and aluminium (Poly Al). The pulp is sent to a paper making facility, whereas the Poly Al is sent to a hot press facility. At the Poly Al hot press facility, the Poly Al mix is processed into flat panel boards. Grooves are inserted while the boards are cooling (post-hot press) to create roofing tiles that offers a host of structural and technical benefits compared to conventional roofing tiles. They are excellent noise insulation, fire-retardant, and has low water and heat absorption.
These roofing tiles will then be handed over to EPIC Homes at the end of the year once we’ve tabulated and finalised the achievement results of The CAREton Project.

Building Homes, not just Houses

​The CAREton Project Collection Partners​

The CAREton Project has also expanded its collection network with Hilton Petaling Jaya coming on board as its latest collection partner last month. To date, Tetra Pak has expanded its collection network to over 20 commercial partners, with more than 486 collection points across Malaysia.

Consumers who wish to drop-off their used drink packs may visit Tetra Pak’s Recycle Easy website​ for the complete list and location of these drop off points.

​Tetra Pak introduced drink packs recycling in Malaysia back ​​in 2005, when the recycling rate of drink packs was almost negligible. Since then, the recycling rate has been increasing every year, and reached 28.4% in 2014.  In 2014 alone, over 440 million drink packs were recycled, amounting to - 6400 tonnes of materials, which have been turned into new products such as cardboard boxes and roofing tiles. 

Retail Partners​​​

​The Waterfront @ Parkcity, Desa Park City

​• Level G, next to Boost Juice​

Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas

Car park entrance heading to B.I.G Supermarket, Red Zone, Level UG

• Level G2, between Fatboy’sThe Burger Bar and The Social

Recycling for Charity Organisations

Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar (P.A.S.S), Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

​• P.A.S.S orange recycling bins located across Klang Valley. For more detailed addresses, click here​.

​Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia Recycling Centers, Klang Valley, Penang & Melaka

​• Hundreds of recycling points and centres (for detailed addresses, click here)

​The CAREton Family

The CAREton Family is steadily growing since our very first launch in 2012. Thanks to our collection partners, we now have a variety of locations, ranging from hotels to schools, for people to drop off their used beverage cartons for recycling under the CAREton Project.​​

To be part of the CAREton Family, register ​now at Tetra Pak Recycle Easy. Click here​ to find out how you can be one of our CAREton Partners.

For those who are interested in learning, supporting and promoting beverage carton recycling, visit our Resource Bank for tools and materials you’ll need to g​et you started in education and outreach.

With your help, we will be able to provide more roofs over the heads of those in​ need.​

Did you know that drink packs can be recycled into roofing tiles? Our drink packs are 75% paper, 20% plastic, 5% aluminium and 100% recyclable. Here in Malaysia, the plastic and aluminium layers can be extracted and recycled into roofing tile. It takes 7,247 drink packs to make one 9' x 4' roofing tiles.

For more information about our environment awareness programme