Fast & flexible cap applicators for our closures.

​​​​​​​​Fast & flexible cap applicators for our closures

Tetra Pak has a wide range of closures available for many of our packages including portion packs, family packs, chilled and ambient solutions and we have a Cap Applicator suited for each one of those closures, designed to run in perfect unison with the rest of the packaging line.
Advanced features such as Vision System, Auto-eject and Triple Hotmelt guarantee fast & accurate results.​

Cap applicators

Tetra Pak® Cap Applicator 30 Flex 0400

Flexible, precise cap applicator

Tetra Pak® Cap Applicator 30 Speed 0400

Fast, precise cap applicator

Capper 25 by Trepak 0300

Flexible, reliable capper

Tetra Pak® Capper 40 Flex

A flexible solution designed for the future

Capper 30 by Trepak 0100

Meeting Tetra Pak® E3/Speed capacity

Tetra Pak® Capper 60 0200

Fast and flexible cap application

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