Tetra Pak® A1 for Tetra Classic® Aseptic

Get more from less

  • Reliable machine, simple for one person to operate
  • Production capacity up to 17,500 p/h gives low unit cost
  • Easy conversion between 5 sizes
  • Highly efficient use of utilities enables a low operating cost and a good environmental performance


Automatic Strip Splicing

Quality splicing

Enables correct, repeatable splicing of longitudinal strip reels, and at the same time makes the operation less labour intensive. The reels are exchanged approximately every 1.45 hours.

Operator panel

It’s never been easier to operate

The production is easily managed through a Tetra Pak Operator Panel (TPOP) system on the ground level. All major functions can be initiated and supervised - from production preparation to the Cleaning in Place (CIP) function.

PLMS Centre

Operational control and performance analysis

The packaging line monitoring system (PLMS) enables tracking of production performance, such as possible stop reasons, efficiencies, waste levels.

Packaging material in-feed

Long production runs raise efficiency

Each Tetra Pak A1 unit holds a jumbo reel of packaging material with sufficient supply for almost two hours of production at the higher speed, and about three hours at the lower speed. A jumbo reel holds sufficient material for up to 36,000 packages.

Fully automatic splicing unit

Neat seal between reels

The splicing unit heats and pressurises the packaging material to automatically make a neat seal between one reel and the next, so package production can continue uninterrupted.

Aseptic system

For reliable sterilisation of packaging material

Consists of a shallow hydrogen peroxide bath, squeegee rollers and a heating chamber. Rollers distribute the hydrogen peroxide evenly; controlled heating and evaporation give effective sterilisation. Control of aseptic parameters ensures product protection and minimises the risk of operator errors.

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