Tetra Pak Index 2019

The Convergence of Health & Environment

Thoughts from Adolfo

Welcome to the 12th issue of the Tetra Pak Index, which focuses on health and the environment. Historically seen as two separate areas, we’re now seeing them converge within food and beverage, which is perhaps the first industry to see this trend. This report explores the drivers of this new trend, and the opportunities it presents for brands going forward.

Overview: A changing world

Our global overview explores six key themes. It finds that environment is the #1 global concern for consumers today – and urgency is growing. Attitudes to environment and health are converging, and individual responsibility is rising: consumers want to make positive changes and “do the right thing”. Food and beverage is a key catalyst for change, especially natural/organic products. Barriers to change still remain, but are diminishing and evolving. And packaging and recycling are more vital to consumers than ever, particularly as plastic litter continues to receive so much negative attention.

Consumers: Six new segments

Analysing the different levels of awareness, attitudes and engagement/behaviour around both environment and health reveals an important new segmentation of consumers. There are six types – Active Ambassadors, Planet Friends, Health Conscious, Followers, Sceptics and Laggards – each with their own distinct beliefs, values and information sources, and their own ambitions and drivers for change, creating clear opportunities for both targeted products and messaging.

Summary & conclusions

The ten key takeaways from Tetra Pak Index 2019, helping brands to seize a new opportunity to make a powerful, purposeful, personal connection with consumers by addressing and communicating both health and environment at the same time.

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Tetra Pak Index 2019

Tetra Pak Index 2019

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Consumer segments report

6 new consumer segments

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Summary & conclusions

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