Tetra Pak® E3/CompactFlex

The cool choice for Tetra Brik®

  • The next generation chilled portion pack machine based on Tetra Pak® A3/CompactFlex architecture.
  • World first carton filling machine available in pasteurised version or XH version, equipped with eBeam sterilisation system.

  • First machine to run Tetra Brik® portion packs at 9,000 p/h.


Peroxide Free Machine

Tetra Pak® E3/CompactFlex Pasteurised Version

This version of Tetra Pak® E3/CompactFlex is for chilled products and does not require packaging material sterilisation. Hydrogen peroxide will only be required to sterilise the machine in a very small quantity.

Tetra Pak® E3/CompactFlex XH Version

This version of Tetra Pak® E3/CompactFlex is for Extended Shelf Life products and utilises one eBeam lamp to disinfect the inner part of the packaging material. Hydrogen peroxide will only be required to sterilise the machine in a very small quantity.

Mini Single Head Sealing

More homogeneous sealing quality

The transversal sealing of the packages is done by ultrasonic technology enabled by Mini Single Head Compact Transducer. It is a new component using single head instead of a twin head. This assures a more homogeneous sealing quality and enables machine capacity increase to 9'000 packs/hour.

New Operator Interface

Wide screen

The operator panel will have a new look and feel and a wider screen – in 16:9. More intuitive icons are available with added functionality and improved usability. The time required to perform the different operations has been reduced.

Two Optional Cleaning systems

Choose from full automatic or eco friendly cleaning

The customer will have the possibility to select between two external cleaning options with a chance to customise his own cleaning cycle! The two available pre-defined options are:

  • A full automatic procedure ensuring a higher cleaning efficiency covering also the hygienic chamber.
  • A more eco friendly option with a lower water consumption

The cleaning parameters are visualised at the operator panel and will be enabled for customisation so that the customer can tailor make it to better fit specific needs.

Web Position Active Control

Enhanced sealing quality and reduced dust

This new feature improves two important aspects of the filling machine functionality:

  • Sealing quality because the web position accuracy is improved through a dynamic correction of the position
  • Reduced dust because the device is not in contact with the edges of the packaging material



Available for TB 200 B and TB 250 B

QuickChange technology makes it possible to switch production between two packages with the same bottom cross section, whilst maintaining the filling machine's sterile conditions.

The kit consists of few parts that need to be changed by the filling machine operator. After this has been done, the machine automatically adjusts by applying the servo motor programme for the new volume chosen. Within 20 minutes, the machine can be ready to start production again.

eBeam kit
For already installed Tetra Pak® E3/CompactFlex pausterised machines an eBeam kit is available to render them Extended Hygiene (XH) for production of Extended Shelf Life products.

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