Tetra Pak® TT/3 AD

Flexible two-line filling machine goes ambient

  • For production of high acid still drinks, ambient drinking yoghurt with particles and sweetened condensed milk.
  • Ambient distribution technology gives products a shelf life of 2 to 9 months depending of product characteristics.
  • Non-refrigerated storage and transport reducing both energy consumption and costs.
  • Can simultaneously produce two different packages, openings and filled products – optimising your machine capacity.


Two-line production

Optimise your machine's capacity

Fill two different products simultaneously in different packages with different openings. Change package volumes automatically in just 4 minutes, and switch openings in just a few hours. Clean one line without stopping production on the other.

Nitrogen dosing

Reduces oxygen content in the packages

Reducing the oxygen content in the head space from 21% to 10%, nitrogen dosing helps retain qualities like flavour, taste and visual appearance and prolongs shelf life.

Injection moulding

Adding a convenient opening to a carton sleeve

This is the world's fastest injection moulding Unit. Polythene is injected at high pressure and compressed onto both sides of the carton sleeve. The unit is sealed and water-cooled to provide a sturdy, leak-proof joint that produces lids of consistent quality. The result is a convenient opening. The lid forming unit for the Tetra Pak® TT/3 AD filling machine, is supplied with HEPA air to avoid contamination.

Operator interface

Extremely operator friendly

Operator time and complexity is reduced thanks to several smart features. Package Line Monitoring Service (PLMS) enables remote supervision and monitoring of all vital production data. Automatic recipe handling adjusts up to 10 recipe parameters. One operator can easily control features and options via the two Tetra Pak Operator Panels (TPOP).

Tetra Top® Cleaning Unit (TTCU)

Excellent hygiene chamber cleaning and disinfection

The external Tetra Top Cleaning Unit offers excellent cleaning and disinfection of your hygiene chamber. One unit is able to clean up to two Tetra Pak® TT/3 filling machines.

Hygiene Chamber

Supports up to 9 months shelf-life

A vapour consisting of 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is sprayed in to the package, followed by high energy UV-light. The combination of the peroxide pre-treatment, UV-light and the hydrogen peroxide vapour spray ensures a MIBI failure rate of 0,1%.

Material Pre-treatment

Supports up to 9 months shelf life

In the Automatic Splicing Unit, packaging material is pre-treated with 3% hydrogen peroxide vapour (H202).

Package Types

Tetra Top® AD Mini

200 ml

Tetra Top® AD Midi

300 ml 500 ml

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