Handling involves a series of different steps in the production process. The three key functions are take-up, dipping and lay-off (i.e. when the coating is dried).

​​Handling equipment for gentle and accurate wrapping

Gently taking the product off the mould, removing it from the extrusion plate, lifting it and turning it upside down to be dipped in chocolate, holding it until the chocolate is frozen and putting it into a paper wrapper – all this is called 'handling'.

Our handling equipment offers a unique advantage when it comes to wrapping accuracy. The lay down speed of the product is adjusted automatically to match the speed of the paper wrapping. This prevents the product from being misaligned, safeguards hygienic conditions and reduces waste  - of both the product and the paper.  This patented technology also significantly reduces costs for ice cream producers.


Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit dip A3

Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer

Tetra Pak Dip and Transfer units are suitable for the transfer of frozen ice cream stick novelties, sandwich products, cones and wafer cups from trays of a Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnel to Tetra Pak® Singlelane Wrappers and Tetra Pak® Multilane Wrappers.

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