Add tasteful ingredients to your ice cream

​​​​​Inclusion solutions for ice cream products

One way of increasing the value of ice cream products is by making them tastier and more eye-catching, delicious and attractive. Chocolates, nuts, fruit, candies, caramel, jam, sauces and fudge are just a small selection of the many types of ingredients that can be added to ice cream with the help of ingredient feeders.

Ingredient pumps and dosers:

  • Tetra Pak® Pump Station
  • Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser for continuous​ dosing


Ingredient Doser

Tetra Pak® Ingredient Dosers

Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser series for continuous dosing of fruit pieces, nuts, candies and other ingredients - even sticky ingredients as jam, cookie dough and the likes into ice cream.

Tetra Pak pump station

Tetra Pak® Pump Station

Tetra Pak Pump Stations are built for the accurate supply of liquid ingredients at precise and constant temperatures. They are available with different types of control systems, highly accurate temperature control and easily changeable pumps to cover various filling and dosing applications.

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