EAT Stockholm Food Forum

If the planets resources are to provide for us all we must work together on food, health and sustainability. That is why Tetra Pak is a part of EAT.

This June the third EAT Stockholm Food Forum brought together some of the world’s brightest people in the fields of science, politics, business and civil society to shift food systems towards greater sustainability, health, security, and equity within the boundaries of our planet.

What we eat not only determines our health but decides the health of our planet. This year, the forum covered consumption and production patterns, technology and innovation, international agreements and cities.

Would you like to know more about the global initiative started by the Norwegian based Stordalen Foundation and Stockholm Resilience Centre visit EAT forums web site.

Pre-EAT Breakfast Seminar on Sustainable Consumption

As a main business partner to the EAT Stockholm Food Forum, Tetra Pak organized an open breakfast seminar in connection to the main event, with the aim of showcasing inspiring examples and sharing new knowledge related to sustainable consumption.

More and more consumers want to live a sustainable and healthy life. Despite this, we do not always choose the most sustainable or healthy option on the super-market shelf or in our kitchen. Why is this so, and how can we help bridge the gap between values and action? Read the summary from the seminar here “Putting values into action: How can we enable sustainable consumption?"

Dr Michael Grosse - Executive VP, Tetra Pak
Johan Rabe - MD, Tetra Pak Nordics
Maria Smith - Senior Manager Environment and Social Responsibility, ICA
Cecilia Sjöholm - Corporate Communications Director, Oatly
Professor Brian Wansink - Science Director GreeNudge
Moderator: Nina Ekelund, Hagainitiativet

The Role of Packaging in a Sustainable Foodchain

Food packaging is often unjustly perceived as a great environmental challenge. However, research shows that by protecting our food on its journey from producer to consumer, packaging can play a crucial role in shrinking the carbon footprint of the food supply chain. If we are to tap into the full potential that sustainable packaging holds, creating a new perception of packaging is vital. A shift in focus from a single environmental footprint to the overall environmental performance of a product is key.

Read the article written together with Sustainia, a think tank based in Copenhagen – From Environmental Challenge to Sustainability Catalyst.

Panel - The Money - Business Practices and Sustainability

Tetra Pak's Vice President Development and Service Operations Dr Michael Grosse took part in a panel discussion at the EAT Food Forum together with other business leaders.

You can view all the seminars and panel discussions from this and last years EAT Stockholm Food Forum on their website.

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