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Yoghurt drinks

Yoghurt drinks – the perfect snack

Drinking yoghurt and yoghurt-based drinks continue to become more popular, due to their appeal of combining healthy and functional properties with flavour.

Yoghurt drinks often come in portion packs, making them easy to consume on-the-go and a healthy product for quick eating. Yoghurt drinks are often flavoured with fruit or fruit juice and can be enriched with vitamins, minerals and pre- or probiotics.

Ambient drinking yoghurt is seen as an untapped global potential and it has taken China by storm since its launch in 2010. The success has been driven by consumer demand for convenience, taste and nutritional benefit, trends that are reflected in many other countries.

Traditional Cultured Milk

Traditional Cultured Milk goes by many names across the world but is traditionally a mixture of yoghurt, water and salt, and it’s often flavoured with garlic and pepper. In Arabic, it is called ‘Laban’ while in Iran it is known as ‘Dugh’. Traditional Cultured Milk is a drink to accompany a meal and is a strong competitor to soft drinks.

Lassi is a traditional South Asian drink, originally from India/Pakistan and consists of yoghurt, water, salt, and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, chilli, cumin and coriander mixed into a foaming drink. There is also sweet lassi on the market, which contains sugar and rose water or fruit juices. Saffron lassi is a speciality of Rajasthan, the largest state of the republic of India.

The world loves yoghurt. And so do we.

Welcome to the united nations of yoghurt. Here you can find out everything you need to know about yoghurt: from its ancient origins to today’s consumer trends; from its many regional varieties to the solutions to common production challenges. And you can deep dive into the technology behind our equipment.

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Tetra Top carton bottles for chilled and ambient products

Tetra Top

The Tetra Top system includes a wide and creative range of carton bottle packages with numerous different tops and openings for chilled and ambient products. Read more

Tetra Rex gable top carton packages for chilled products

Tetra Rex

Tetra Rex bio-based is the world’s first fully renewable package, it is manufactured solely from a combination of plastics derived from sugar cane Read more

Tetra Brik Aseptic carton packages for liquid foods

Tetra Brik Aseptic

The all-time carton packaging best-seller for long-life liquid foods. Tetra Brik® Aseptic is suitable for a wide range of milk and juice-based products. Read more

Filling machines

Tetra Pak TT/3 XH IC for chilled beverages

Tetra Pak TT/3 XH IC

Tetra Pak TT/3 XH IC. Dual filling machine for Tetra Top packages with One Step Opening and integrated capping unit Read more

Tetra Pak TT/3 XH for chilled beverages

Tetra Pak TT/3 XH

Tetra Pak TT/3 XH, flexible, hygienic two-line filling. Run two different Tetra Top packages, openings and products at the same time Read more

Tetra Pak TR/28 filling machine

Tetra Pak TR/28

Tetra Pak TR/28 Extended Hygiene, filling machine producing Tetra Rex gable top cartons for chilled products Read more

Tetra Pak TR/27 filling machine

Tetra Pak TR/27

Tetra Pak TR/27 Extended Hygiene, filling machine producing Tetra Rex gable top cartons for chilled products Read more

Tetra Pak TR/G7 filling machine for chilled distribution

Tetra Pak TR/G7

Tetra Pak TR/G7 is a low cost, easy-to-operate high performance filling machine for chilled distribution. Capacity 6500 gable top packages per hour. Read more

Tetra Pak A3/Flex

Tetra Pak A3/Flex

Tetra Pak® A3/Flex, Versatility of shapes, sizes and closures, Easy conversion between different family package shapes and sizes, Easy adaptation to many... Read more

Tetra Pak A3/Speed

Tetra Pak A3/Speed

Tetra Pak® A3/Speed, The world’s fastest carton filling machine! Highest package output in the industry, Lowest possible operational cost, High food safety. Read more

Tetra Pak A3/CompactFlex

Tetra Pak A3/CompactFlex

Tetra Pak® A3/CompactFlex, Maximum flexibility - minimum space! Compact design, just 4,3 m high with a 20 m² footprint, Quick Change is available. Read more


Yoghurt and fermented dairy products

Fermented dairy products

With deep knowledge of the essence of yoghurt, we develop processing solutions for the best taste, mouthfeel and texture for your yoghurt product Read more

Processing application for dairy products


Tetra Pak dairy processing solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and to help you achieve the desired product quality at the lowest possible cost Read more

Tetra Pak Dairy Processing Handbook

Tetra Pak Dairy Processing Handbook

The Dairy Processing Handbook is a concentrate of the vast know-how of Tetra Pak Processing. The handbook is also available online Read more

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​​​​Right size and right price​ for Dairy Plus ​​drinking yoghurt

​​​​Right size and right price​ for Dairy Plus ​​drinking yoghurt

When Dairy Plus drinking yoghurt was launched in Tetra Brik® Aseptic 100 Base, sales more than quadrupled in the first two months and have doubled since 2010. Read more

Understanding ambient yoghurt – challenges and opportunities

Understanding ambient yoghurt – challenges and opportunities

Ambient yoghurt do not need to be chilled, and are either eaten with a spoon (often with added fruit), or drunk directly from the package Read more

State of the art, Vinamilk’s mega dairy

State of the art, Vinamilk’s mega dairy

Vinamilk’s mega dairy is a fully automated UHT factory, using some of the most advanced solutions in the world from Tetra Pak. Read more

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