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Innovative, one-piece polynode discs enable increased capacity while maintaining the same separation performance; or alternatively, an improved separation efficiency at the same capacity. 

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Smaller nodes. More discs. Larger separation surface. Higher capacity.

For over 130 years, innovation in separator-disc technology has not changed much. Until now.

Water flowing

Less energy and water consumption = smaller environmental footprint

To boost capacity, polynode discs can be installed in machines that currently use traditional, welded discs. This means the water and energy consumption per liter product will decrease and thereby also the environmental impact.

Polynode dics

Increased surface = higher capacity

It’s a matter of cause and effect – smaller and lower nodes mean we can add more discs to the stack. More discs mean increased separation surface – and more separation surface means capacity gets a significant boost.

Polynode disc

Increased surface = increased efficiency

Capacity is not everything. As an alternative for dairy producers, the use of polynodes enables an increased separation efficiency at a maintained capacity. This is interesting for customers that, for example, want to remove as much fat as possible to achieve their end product specifications.

Truck with tank, Arla foods

Case story: Arla Foods

Sign up to read about the Arla Foods facility in Vimmerby, Sweden. They reached their capacity limit in 2014, so we launched a joint project to increase separation capacity.

​​​​Increased production capacity at Arla Foods

Tetra Pak® Separator H80

Higher capacity milk separation

The Tetra Pak® Separator H80 is our first separator featuring the revolutionary new polynode disc technology.

  • 60 000 l/h capacity for milk skimming
  • Up to 80 000 l/h capacity for milk standardization
  • High skimming performance

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