Recycled beverage cartons building better lives

Our recycled cartons are helping build new lives for poor and disadvantaged people in Asia.

Working with local partners Tetra Pak’s used beverage cartons are recycled into affordable, strong and non-flammable roofing sheets.

In Thailand and Malaysia the recycled roof tiles build homes and shelters for people made homeless after natural disasters. New homes are also being roofed with the tiles in disadvantaged communities in both countries.

The tiles are made of PolyAl recycled from beverage cartons. PolyAl is lightweight, water and heat resistant and highly durable. Just over 7000 beverage cartons produce one standard roofing sheet and 45 tile an entire home.

It’s a win all round, a project started to protect the environment is now changing lives.

The projects are part of Tetra Pak’s work worldwide to increase recycling of our used beverage cartons.

Read more about these projects here: CAREton Project - an enduring partnership, Green Roof Project Thailand

Furniture for a better life

Kibera in Kenya is the largest urban slum in Africa. Most of its population of a million people live on less than $1 a day. This means access to computers and technology for many people is extremely limited.

Office furniture made from recycled cartons is filling a gap.

Tetra Pak, with local partners INSTA and Ekotech, has stepped in to equip the first technology hub in Kibera.

The partnership furnished Kibera’s Information and Communication Technology hub with desks, office partitions and 30 computers. All the office furniture is produced from Eko board, made with recycled Tetra Pak cartons.

Aspiring young people get a chance to improve their technology skills and futures.

“This project is great for Tetra Pak, our cartons are being recycled into Eko boards that are used as desks and ceilings. We really hope that these improvements will provide learners from the community with a more comfortable learning environment,” said Rodney Reynders Cluster Leader Environment Greater Middle East and Africa.

The Information and Communication Technology hub was founded by Hollywood actress Connie Nielson, of Gladiator fame, under the Human Needs Project.

5 great products from recycled Tetra Pak cartons

5 great products from recycled Tetra Pak cartons

Roofing sheets, classroom desk…Take a look (pdf).

Awareness and education

Billions of Tetra Pak cartons are recycled every year, yet many consumers are still unaware cartons can be recycled or don’t know where to recycle them. In cooperation with customers and partners we raise recycling awareness around the world.

Improving infrastructure

Recycling infrastructure is essential for the successful recycling of our used beverage cartons. We support the development of this infrastructure by working with private and public sector partners to provide collection and recycling opportunities.

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