​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Future growth and robust flexibility for ice cream production

Best-practice medium-capacity extrusion line

Designed for producing up to 18,000 ice cream products/hour, this best-practice medium-capacity extrusion line is highly reliable, for safe, hygienic quality and easy operation. It paves your way for future growth, being easy to upgrade and adapt and letting you easily make new, sophisticated ice cream products with changeovers on the fly. All for a competitive cost that gives you the most for your investment.​

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Top new product trends on the ice cream market – and how to capitalize on them

As the demand for new and more sophisticated ice cream products continues to skyrocket, medium capacity producers need an extrusion line with the flexibility to handle a wide product range and changeovers on the fly. Our new best-practice medium capacity extrusion line helps medium capacity producers capitalize on the growing trends – handling everything from cones and wafer cups with sophisticated swirls and fillings to candy bars and enrobed bite-size products.

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How to overcome the key challenges in the medium capacity segment

Ice cream producers in the medium capacity segment face three main challenges in their ice cream production. You need to be able to produce a wide range of products to meet the rapidly developing consumer demands. You need to limit your product waste in the transfer step with a highly tolerant gripper. And you need to secure the long-term value of your investment – with a line that offers you high value at a competitive initial investment cost and that is easy to upgrade and can grow with you for the future.

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High consistent yield and high uptime

Highly reliable for safe, hygienic quality and easy operation

  • Sturdy, smart design with quality materials and intuitive HMI

  • High repeatability in production

  • High consistent yield – 98.5% yield guaranteed

  • High uptime – 99% uptime guaranteed

  • Effective cleaning with CIP, easy access and no dismantling required

  • Meets CE and local safety and hygiene regulations, follows EDEHG guidelines

New patented cutter movement

  • Speed from A to B is independent of line capacity – same speed, reliable cut and placement on product tray every time

  • Handles products up to 50 mm thick

  • Surface appearance always the same

  • Lands more parallel to tray – more square shape

Ice cream illustrations, sticks, cones, bars and sandwiches

Easy to upgrade and adapt for future growth

Enable new products

Modular, flexible worktable with moveable units makes space for new equipment Standard seven-meter length extendable in 600 mm blocks Add after-cooler conveyer for candy bars and other stick-less products Develop and test new products in our Product Development Centres

Best-practice medium-capacity extrusion line with markups

Best-practice medium-capacity extrusion line

  1. Tetra Pak® Extrusion Worktable
    New open and flexible slim-line worktable. Easy to adapt and hygienic.

  2. Servo-driven equipment.

  3. Patented vertical cutting technology
    Ensures uniform cutting

  4. Tetra Pak® Extrusion Tunnel M3
    Lubrication-free chain/tension, drive placed outside for high hygiene

  5. Interactive HMI interface
    Easily make adjustments

  6. Tetra Pak® Dip and Transfer unit M2
    Configurable to either single or multilane wrapping

  7. Tetra Pak® Multilane Wrapper
    Easy-to-operate, six-lane wrapping

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