Tetra Pak® Pasteurizer D Base

Простая, но в то же время «умная» пастеризация для ежедневной работы с молоком

  • Три варианта продукции – одна простая основа
  • Безопасность и простота работы
  • Стандартная конструкция с лучшим соотношением цены и качества

Пастеризатор Tetra Pak® D Base пастеризация молочных продуктов для вашего производства

Пастеризатор Tetra Pak® D Base разработан специально для предприятий молочной промышленности с производственной мощностью до 10 000 л/ч. Даже на этом упрощенном пастеризаторе оператор получает преимущества интеллектуального контроля на базе новейшей платформы автоматизации Tetra Pak. Благодаря интеллектуальной автоматизации этот пастеризатор расширяет возможности и машины, и человека. Установка разработана с учетом различных потребностей оператора, что позволяет просто и безопасно использовать ее, а также обслуживать с минимальным временем простоя. Улучшенный автоматизированный контроль за продукцией и безопасная эксплуатация обеспечивают установке надежные стабильные результаты с течением времени. Таким образом, пастеризатор Tetra Pak D Base обеспечивает высокие уровни безопасности пищевых продуктов.

Краткая информация

Разработан специально для предприятий молочной промышленности с производственной мощностью до 10 000 л/ч. 

До 10 000 л/ч молока.

Предназначено для непрерывной обработки и пастеризации питьевого молока, молока для йогурта, сливок и других жидкостей с низкой кислотностью молочных продуктов.


Application-specific designs

Fit for purpose for milk, yoghurt or cream

The unit has a brand new pasteurizer configuration with a simple design based on standardized building blocks. Though simple, it is built with integrated CIP and smart control. Standardized solutions give value for money and are simple to order. The pasteurizer is designed for dairy applications and offers the following capacities:

  • Milk and yoghurt milk pasteurization: 5,000 l/h or 10,000 l/h
  • Cream pasteurization: 2,500 l/h or 5,000 l/h
Full production overview

Dashboard set-up gives quick overview

Advanced automated control ensures reliable results time after time. The heating unit is controlled and monitored from the large screen of the operator panel. Thanks to the automated system, all the operator needs to do is select the pre-set parameters and required functions. The unit will continuously log pasteurization temperature, flow and the position of the flow diversion valve. This logging system also stores useful production data for traceability purposes.

Pressure differential

Ensures food safety

A booster pump creates a differential pressure between the pasteurized and unpasteurized side of the unit to minimize the risk of contamination. To further enhance safety, this differential can be monitored by optional pressure transmitters. If these transmitters register that the differential has been lost, the product is automatically diverted back to the balance tank for recirculation.

Integrated CIP system

Spend more time producing and less time cleaning

The integrated CIP system is for cleaning the pasteurizer and connected sub-modules. The whole circuit is cleaned with one CIP program. Before the start of CIP, the inlet pipes for acid and caustic are manually connected to the balance tank for automated dosing of concentrate. During production runs, the same inlet pipes are manually connected to waste discharge to avoid mixture with products.

Compact yet service friendly design

Easy and safe to use and maintain

The unit is created with operators in mind, which makes it easy and safe to use and simple to maintain. The footprint has been minimized by integrating the holding cell neatly into the unit. Despite being compact, the design remains service-friendly with dedicated “step-in” areas at strategic points.


Complete pasteurization line from Tetra Pak®

Prepared for connection to sub-units

Create a flexible processing line for milk and cream pasteurization. The pasteurization unit is designed to efficiently work together with a separator, homogenizer and standardization unit from Tetra Pak®. To have a line where all parts fit together ensures robust separation, stable standardization, and homogenization with low maintenance and energy consumption. For processing of yoghurt milk, a spiral holding cell can also be included for a longer holding time. This will create a flexible processing line for milk and cream pasteurization.

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