Get the facts about long life milk

Moms care about the safety and purity of the food they serve their families. So, to ensure the whole family enjoys milk with all of its vitamins and delicious natural flavor safely, we brought together all the needed facts to help you make informed decisions about long life milk.


The story of long life milk

Just like any other milk, the journey begins at a farm. What comes next is flawless quality control, a heating process called UHT and a multi-layered pack for perfect preservation.

Watch the video to discover the journey of long life milk from the farm to your fridge.


What is UHT?

To guarantee your safety and its nutritional benefits, the milk goes through a sterilizing process called Ultra-High Temperature. The aim is to inactivate spore-forming bacteria which could grow during storage and cause spoilage.

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How does long life milk survive outside a refrigerator?

With its aseptic packaging materials and exclusive six-layer technology, Tetra Pak packages protect the milk by blocking out sunlight and air, thus helping protect the nutritional value and the taste of milk.

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Does long life milk require preservatives?

It’s possible to store long life milk safely for up to four months without preservatives thanks to the combination of UHT treatment and aseptic Tetra Pak packaging.

Watch the video for more on a preservative-free process.

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Safe journey of long life milk

Have you ever wondered how the wholesome goodness of safe and delicious milk is protected on its journey from the farm to your table? Let’s head to the dairy farm and see where that journey begins!

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UHT Technology: The story of safe treatment

We work hard to protect what’s good. Tetra Pak pioneered its own continuous UHT process and aseptic packaging systems in the 1960s.


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Plant-based materials are forever

When you choose our cartons, you’re helping to support the environment. Natural, recyclable resources and responsibly managed forests are all a part of what we do. Because what’s good for tomorrow is good for everyone.

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Protecting your milk

Our cartons make sure what tastes great today, tastes great tomorrow. The multi-layered design locks the goodness in to get you the best from your favourite food and drink, so you always know the freshness you buy is the freshness you get.