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Ice cream sandwiches

Low temperature ice cream – smoother feel and creamier taste

Its smooth texture makes low temperature ice cream ideal for shaping into a variety of products. We have the production and processing solutions for your needs.

Low temperature ice cream undergoes a cold kneading process, which creates a finely structured ice cream with a soft feel and creamy taste. This creates a smoothness that can make healthier, low fat products taste just as good as top-of-the-range traditional ice cream.

Production and processing

Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer is the brand name for our low temperature ice cream solutions. When the ice cream is cooled down to -12 to -15 °C (10 to 5 °F), it becomes very viscous, rather like soft clay, which is ideal for shaping into a variety of new products.

Learn more about the Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer.

The outstanding filling, shaping and extrusion modules available open up new markets for unique products. The technology also saves on raw materials, allowing for a quick return on investment.

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Processing equipment for ice cream freezing


The flexibility to handle thousands of different recipes by freezing, churning, blending and aerating the ice cream mix in the optimal way. Read more

Processing applications for Ice cream cup & bulk

Cup & Bulk

Ice cream is every childs favourite, regardless of how old they are and the demand for ice cream is continuously growing. Read more

Processing applications for ice cream sticks


When making premium ice cream products, extrusion is the way to go. With this technique you can produce novelty shapes like a funny face, a fruit slice.. Read more

Processing applications for Ice cream cones


How about a delicious cone with an enticing swirl of nuts and chocolate on the top? Tetra Pak has the filling line you need. Read more

Processing applications for ice cream sandwiches


With different ingredients - wafers, cookies, chocolate chips, nuts and caramel as well as ice cream - sandwiches provide plenty of scope for creativity! Read more

Processing applications for Ice cream bars and bites

Bar & Bite

Bar-snacks and bite sizes. We have developed a method whereby nuts and caramel are dropped into a continuous groove in the ice cream bar. Read more

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