Together, a simple gesture

Push the Straw back in the empty pack or re-attach the cap, before placing your carton in the bin!

Push the straw back in the pack

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Every day, waste finds its way into our environment

Litter of all kinds threatens biodiversity and the health of our communities. Each of us has a role to play in addressing this issue. There are simple things we can do to prevent used and consumed products from becoming litter. We hope you will join us in doing more to protect our natural environment by taking the step to recycle.

Find out about our goals and commitment to recycling and read about our commitment to the EU Plastics Strategy. We have launched a European industry platform to increase beverage cartons recycling.

Push the straw back in the pack

Let’s do our part!

Push the straw back in the pack or re-attach the cap

One simple way to reduce waste is to make sure everything ends up in the proper bin rather than on our roads, landscapes and waterways. For packages that have a straw or screw cap, push the straw back in the empty pack or re-attach the cap when you are finished with your drink before disposing. This step will ensure all parts of the package go through the proper disposal process together.

Find out how beverage cartons are collected and recycled in your country and visit our YouTube channel where we share how to recycle our cartons

Paper products made from recycled carton packages

Driving carton and polyal recycling

We believe that an effective and long-lasting solution to the waste problem lies in driving major improvements in waste management and recycling infrastructure worldwide while raising awareness of the importance of recycling, and the impact of littering.

Recycled cartons can be made into building materials, tissue, other paper products, and more

Find out more about how we contribute in raising awareness about recycling and how we contribute to building recycling value chains

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Tetra Pak is committed to constantly improve the environmental performance of its products

We’re constantly driving innovations to find new ways to deliver safe, high quality solutions while reducing our carbon footprint and our environmental impact. Today, we’re proud to offer carton packages that use low plastic content and have a lower climate impact than virtually any other packaging available alternative. We’re working hard to propose alternative packaging and closures that will contribute to address the global litter challenge.

Read more about our soon-to-come launch of a paper straw for our portion packs

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Questions about recycling?

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Find out more about recycling and renewability in Beverage cartons, the environmental advantage infographic

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