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Everything you need for excellent emulsified sauces

Emulsified sauces such as mayonnaise pose a number of manufacturing challenges. We have the solutions, having carried out many years of in-depth research into the production of such products. On these pages you can tap into our expertise on how to make dressings and emulsified sauces, how to attain the right quality and how to keep production costs under control; basically, everything you need in order to taste success.

Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise

What's trending

Consumer trends and implications for food producers

Learn the implications for food producers of booming consumer demand for clean label, healthy and sustainable products.

Dips and snacks
Ceasar salad with dressing

Guide to clean label production

Read our guide to producing dressings and spreads that meet the clean label trend for fewer additives.

Mayonnaise and sauces

3 global food trends and the challenges they pose for mayonnaise producers

Food trends are changing all the time, so what does that mean for mayonnaise producers? Find out in this useful guide.

About flexibility & quality

Achieve sustainable and flexible food production

Here’s how to achieve both sustainability and flexibility when producing dressings and spreads.

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Mayonnaise with flags

Video: Navigating the mayonnaise maze

Taste, texture and appearance - wherever mayonnaise travels it’s adapted and modified. But the challenges for the producers are the same.

Mayonnaise in bowl

Our view of the mayonnaise production process

Learn how you can adapt and optimize your processes using state-of-the-art equipment.

Illustration mayonnaise

Video: The Great Mayonnaise Controversy

It’s one of the world’s favourite sauces, but who invented mayonnaise, what should it contain, and how can you eat it?

Salsa Rica, a Tetra Pak customer

A smart process that gives perfect quality every time

Salsa Rica, the leading manufacturer of mayonnaise in Spain, gets perfect quality every time thanks to fully automated and advanced

Girl putting mayonnaise on bread

Everything you need to know about high-quality mayonnaise

What does “quality” means when it comes to mayonnaise, and how do you achieve it? Here’s what you need to know.

Egg and mayonnaise

Stop guessing, make the perfect mayonnaise with a computer

By using our prediction tool in combination with one of our high shear mixers you will make the perfect mayonnaise every time.

About TCO

Prepared food total cost of ownership insights

Find out how to massively reduce the total cost of ownership of equipment for production of dressings and spreads.

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How to control the cost of cold emulsion production

Our in-depth research into cold emulsion production can improve your operations by reducing operational and equipment costs.

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Customer seminar

Taste success with mayonnaise – inspirational film from our seminar in Seville 24 October, 2019. For more information about coming seminars, please contact us at

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