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Long a staple product in its native Middle East, hummus has become hugely popular around the world among consumers looking for a healthy and plant-based dip, spread or appetizer. How can you taste success with this booming category? Partner with us to benefit from our extensive knowledge of both hummus itself and how best to process it. Find out more here about everything from how to capitalize on consumer hummus trends to the best equipment for making it. 

What’s trending?

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Hummus – a healthy fast food trend

Hummus is changing from a traditional food to a trendy snack. The global hummus market is showing double digit growth and you can gain a share of this growing market.

Spreads and sauces, dipping

Consumer trends and implications for food producers

Learn the implications for food producers of booming consumer demand for clean label, healthy and sustainable products.

Our capabilities

Prepared food total cost of ownership insights

Find out how to massively reduce the total cost of ownership of equipment for production of dressings and spreads. Watch the film

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Achieve sustainable and flexible food production

Here’s how to achieve both sustainability and flexibility when producing dressings and spreads.

Heat treatment hummus

Six days, six weeks or six months?

What shelf life do you want for your brand of hummus? This question determines which type of processing is best. Follow the steps in the infographic to see the answer.

Three tips to make hummus smoother

Many consumers prefer their hummus really smooth. But how do you make a hummus with just the right quality?

See video with our expert tips

Coiled heat exchanger

Why heat treat hummus?

Our hummus expert gives the answers to key questions about the heat treatment of hummus.

From idea to product infographic

From idea to commercial product

Learn how our food technologists and process experts can help you turn your idea into a commercial product.

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