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Fluid purchasing of parts, simple stock management, remote support whenever you need and a platform that boosts competency and efficiency among your operatio​​nal workforceOur solutions make your business easier. The results are lower costs, higher productivity, increased uptime and an empowered staff wh​​​​​​​o have more time ​for core activities.  ​​

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All you need in one place

In My Tetra Pak you can order everything from parts to packaging material, track and handle your orders, see and handle your parts inventory and more. Easily manage your business with us in one place and get quick access to what you need on any device.

An e-shop you can use the way you want

With more than 330.000 items available online and easy, flexible ordering, our e-shop solution is the convenient and time efficient way to secure your parts supply. Parts, maintenance units, plant components and consumables. The assortment covers the full need of your processing and packaging equipment, and beyond – from Tetra Pak and other suppliers as well. This way you have the parts and maintenance you need provided in a simple way from one supplier.

A complete product assortment

Spare parts


Expertly selected for your equipment and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

  • Genuine Tetra Pak® parts

  • Warranty on all supplied parts

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A complete assortment of parts, maintenance units, plant components and consumables are available in Tetra Pak e-Business


70 different families including:

  • Cutting Jaw

  • Pressure Jaw

  • Yoke

  • Peroxide Pump

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plant components


Over 30.000 items including:

  • Valves

  • Pumps

  • Measuring instruments

  • Integration components

  • Automation and electrical components

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Synthetic H1 food grade lubricants for:

  • Gearboxes

  • Hydraulic units

  • Central lube systems

  • Greasing applications

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  • Tetra Pak® CapFix

  • Tetra Pak® StrawFix

  • Tetra Pak® TrayFix

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Optimise your inventory

Our Parts Control service gives you control of your parts inventory and allows you to streamline your operations. The ePIMS app that comes with the service lets you manage stock in all your warehouses, get access to replenishment recommendations, order statistics and reports – straight from your smartphone or tablet.

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Connected Workforce

Operators, man and woman

Operational Collaboration

Actively connect co-workers throughout your operation, across shifts and between plants. Besides useful features like factory feeds and a call-for-help function, our operational collaboration platform enables improved teamwork in the areas of knowledge sharing, problem-solving, troubleshooting and performance monitoring.


  • Smoother shift handovers

  • Easy sharing of solutions and best practices across multiple sites

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Anytime Learning

Bring our expertise and knowledge on-site by accessing our extensive microlearning library of video tutorials and Standard Operating Procedures, anytime and anywhere. Build consistent skills sets, standards, knowledge and capabilities across your entire operation. The wealth and quality of learning material and ease of access foster confidence and independence, while incentivising a high standard of employee performance.


  • A more effective onboarding process

  • Reduction in errors and downtime

  • Greater overall efficiency

Service engineer with tablet

Skills management

Manage competencies and skills centrally with a comprehensive overview of the situation. By equipping supervisors with a clear skills matrix, they are enabled to pinpoint exactly where expertise or qualifications are present or needed. Needs can then be addressed and verified according to external standards or industry norms.


  • Boosting proficiency and productivity

  • More motivated staff members

  • More confident supervisors

Technical paper

Training in the food and beverage industry

Maintaining a staff that is proficient and skilled in the latest production techniques, can be instrumental for success in the food and beverage industry. Discover new research on training technologies and get practical advice on how to apply them to your business.

Remote support

Remote Support – by your side around the clock

In case of production stops, urgent problem solving is vital to minimise downtime related costs. Our service Remote Support responds to your call immediately, and a Tetra Pak engineer then guides you through your issue – any time, day or night.

It’s like having Tetra Pak’s global network of experts right there, by your side. We’ll get you up and running quickly!

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Discover all our services

We cover every aspect of your food production, from daily routines to business insights. Our tailored service solutions improve performance, optimise costs and ensure food safety throughout the lifecycle of your operation.

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