Better profitability, increased efficiency and best-in-class technologies for food safety and quality – the work we do for our customers bring tangible results and measurable benefits. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our customer cases. We think they prove our point better than anything else.

Predictive maintenance for separators

Predict malfunctions before they occur

Thanks to us monitoring the condition of the separators as part of our Predictive Maintenance service, a Spanish Dairy could avoid 48 hours of unplanned downtime.

Read more – Read more – stay ahead with maintenance (pdf).


People working

Super efficiency

An Asian food and beverage producer had good Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME) – but still managed to improve it by 5%.

Read more – how LMME was improved (pdf)


Interior scene from plant where $6.5M were saved.

$6.5M saved in nine months

Significant savings – one of the results from a full Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) implementation.

Read more – how millions were saved (pdf)



Food safety

Unlock the value of connectivity with Industry 4.0

Discover how Industry 4.0 is helping manufacturers connect the food industry and optimise operations.

Read more – Unlock the value of connectivity with Industry 4.0


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Unlock the value of connectivity by starting small

Dream Big, Start Small - Focusing on connecting key areas first, will pave the way to more opportunities.

Read more – Unlock the value of connectivity by starting small


​​​​​​​​​​​Unlock the value of connectivity to improve productivity

Do more with what you already have – How Industry 4.0 can help improve productivity.

Read more – ​​​​​​​​​​​Unlock the value of connectivity to improve productivity


Unlock the value of connectivity and increase production flexibility

Discover how Industry 4.0 can help you deliver what is needed, when it’s needed.

Read more – Unlock the value of connectivity and increase production flexibility

Tetra Pak Quality and OSA graphic

Packaging speaks volumes about quality

Consumers judge quality in seconds. They will choose to buy attractive packages from a full shelf.

Read more on our quality initiatives

Two children drinking juice.

What is food quality?

Food quality can be defined in different ways. Read more about what it really means to consumers and manufacturers.

Read more – how we define food quality

People shaking hands.

How do you ensure food quality?

Read how we’ve helped hundreds of customers around the world develop Food Quality Assurance systems.

Read more – how we’ve improved food quality for customers

Illustration of drink packages and a pamily.

Identifying quality excellence

How can you be sure that your quality levels are up to scratch? We take you through some of the signs.

See our infographic: How to know if you’ve achieved quality excellence

Tetra Pak drink packaging thumbs up.

The high cost of low quality

Why investing in quality initiatives and securing quality pays off.

See our infographic: The High Cost of Low Quality

Girl with Juice

FDA compliance

Our automation service hubs helped a fruit purée producer secure compliance with FDA regulations.

Read the FDA compliance story (pdf)

Quality work

Full TPM approach

The implementation of a full Total Productive Maintenance program helped our customer reduce consumer claims with 74%.

Read the TPM story (pdf)

Quality management

Improved quality management

An updated Quality Control system allowed our customer to reduce loss of sales due to poor quality by 90%.

Read the Quality Control story (pdf)


Food grade lubricants

When switching to food grade lubrication, a South American dairy experienced significant decrease in hydraulic oil consumption.

Read the lubrication story (pdf)

Juice training

Operator and quality training

Operator training resulted in increased production volumes and improved quality routines for a juice producer.

Read the operator training story (pdf)

Tetra Pak Servies and Quality graphic

Custom solutions for quality measurement

A well designed and implemented quality system will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Read more – the signs of quality excellence

TPM for reduced CIP costs

Reducing CIP costs

By combining Total Productive Maintenance and digital analysis, a bottled water producer cut Cleaning-In-Place costs by 30%.

Read the TPM & digital analysis story (pdf)



Predict failures to boost your productivity

Discover how our Spanish customer avoided 50 hours of downtime!

Read the full customer case (pdf)

People at work in factory.

Variability reduced by 84%

A Tetra Pak® Plant Care with Performance Guarantee agreement helped the customer improve equipment stability and reduce variability by 84%.

Read the equipment performance story (pdf)

Factory workers performing maintenance.

From good to excellent

A 5% Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME) improvement allowed an Asian producer secure new and existing co-packing orders.

Read the LMME improvement story (pdf)

People working

Tailor-made Maintenance Plan

A tailor-made annual Maintenance Plan resulted in a Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME) of over 96%.

Read the maintenance plan story (pdf)

Working on a display

Establishing a solid foundation

Our tailored installation and start-up offering helped a juice producer lay a solid foundation for continued equipment performance.

Read the mineral water story (pdf)

Factory employee working with equipment

Predictive Maintenance reduces downtime

A South American dairy reduced downtime with over 140 hours thanks to Predictive Maintenance with Condition Monitoring enabled lines.

Read the Predictive Maintenance story (pdf)

Partnership approach and contract with Operational Cost Guarantee create great improvements

Maximising efficiency

With a partnership approach and a maintenance contract, we helped a juice producer improve efficiency and reduce operational cost.

Read the partnership approach story (pdf)

Juice installation

Start-up in the juice business

Our tailored start-up offering helped an Asian juice producer with installation, staff training and more.

Read the juice business start-up story (pdf)

Dairy installation

Investing in a new Tetra Pak packaging line

When a dairy producer invested in a new packaging line, our start-up offering included maintenance training and performance analysis.

Read the packaging line investment story (pdf)

Dairy energy consumption

Saving energy with HD EnergyIQ

By upgrading to HD EnergyIQ, a dairy producer lowered their energy consumption – and increased the uptime too.

Read the HD EnergyIQ story (pdf)

Beverage control system

Replacing a control system

A beverage producer had their outdated automation equipment replaced with a modern solution. Total downtime? Less than 4 hours.

Read the control system story (pdf)

Dairy producer

Optimising a CIP station

A Chinese dairy producer optimised their use of water by adding Cleaning-in-Place reports from Tetra PlantMaster Production Integrator.

Read the CIP station optimisation story (pdf)

Ensuring traceability

Ensuring traceability

By using Tetra Pak automation services and software, we enabled full traceability throughout a dairy producer’s entire plant.

Read the traceability story (pdf)

Maintenance increasing efficiency

Increasing plant operational efficiency

Tetra Pak on-site engineers helped increase plant operational efficiency from 75% to over 90%.

Read the plant operational efficiency story (pdf)

Cutting costs

Cutting maintenance costs

A tailor-made solution allowed a European dairy producer cut maintenance costs by 45%.

Read the maintenance cost story (pdf)

Ice cream

Express delivery

When a critical load cell broke down at an ice cream producer’s plant, production was restored in 12 hours thanks to a hand-carry express order.

Read the express delivery story (pdf)


Using Maintenance Units

A dairy producer in Asia reduced filling-machine downtime from 24.5 to 5.5 hours by using Maintenance Units.

Read the Maintenance Units story (pdf)

Machine efficiency

Tetra Pak® Plant Care with Performance Guarantee

Improved Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME) by 3% - one of the results from a tailor-made maintenance solution.

Read the performance guarantee story (pdf)


Asian customer

Increasing output by 24% with TPM

Total Productive Maintenance helped an Asian dairy producer increase productivity – even though they were using non-Tetra Pak equipment.

How output was increased by 24% - read the story (pdf)


Tetra Pak® Plant Care with predictable maintenance cost

A tailor-made maintenance solution cut a European dairy producer’s maintenance costs by 45% - and reduced spare parts consumption by 8%.

Read the predictable maintenance cost story (pdf)

Reduce operational costs

Tetra Pak® Plant Care with operational cost guarantee

A solution addressing equipment performance helped an Asian dairy producer reduce operational costs by 20%.

Read the operational cost guarantee story (pdf)

People training

Certifying operators

By certifying operators in equipment operation, an Asian dairy and juice producer boosted productivity by 30%.

Read the certified operators story (pdf)


Using hot melt adhesives

The use of Tetra Pak® hot melt adhesives for cap and straw attachments helped a juice and dairy producer cut maintenance costs by 49%.

Read the hot melt adhesives story (pdf)


Implementing TPM for tomato purée producer

A Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) implementation helped a tomato purée producer increase Production Time Utilisation by 10%.

Read the TPM story (pdf)

Production losses

Minimising production losses

An ice cream producer managed to increase performance and minimise production losses through operator training.

Read the minimising losses story (pdf)

Reducing water costs

Reducing water consumption with Filtering Station

The introduction of a Tetra Pak® Water Filtering Station helped a dairy producer reduce filling machine water consumption by 95%.

Read the Filtering Station story (pdf)

Parts control

Implementing Parts Control

A European juice producer implemented a Parts Control solution, and reduced capital tied up in stock by 90%.

Read the Parts Control story (pdf)

Saving energy and cost

Saving energy and cost

By replacing the installed pumps with correctly sized pumps, we managed to reduce the customer’s lower pump energy running costs with 40%.

Read the energy savings story (pdf)

Saving water

Saving water

The installation of new valves saved an Asian dairy producer significant amounts of water and cleaning agent.

Read the water savings story (pdf)

Metal manufacturer

TPM helps save €1.8M in 24 months

A two-pronged solution helped a European metal manufacturer improve uptime, make short-term savings and implement a sustainable company culture.

Read the case Metal manufacturer saves €1.8M (pdf).

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