Gösta Bylund, the original author of the Dairy Processing

Gösta Bylund

M.Sc. Dairy Techn.

Gösta Bylund is the original author of the Dairy Processing Handbook. The first edition was published in the early ‘80s and has been updated many times since then.

Bozena Malmgren, author Dairy Processing handbook

Bozena Malmgren

Chapter 9 Long-life milk, 16 Condensed milk and chapter 18 Recombined milk products

Senior Dairy Technologist, Ph.D.

Born in the Czech Republic Personal interest: Dancing and languages (speaks 6 ½ languages) Reading tip: chapter 9, standard UHT process reduce the number of sporoformic microorganisms by minimum 9 logarithms – it means from spore only 1 may survive. Chapter 16, sweetened condensed milk where sugar in water concentration is 62,5 – 64,5 % is self-preserving. Chapter 18, almost all products which can be produced from fresh milk can be produced even by using milk powder.

Andrzej Holanowski, author Dairy Processing handbook

Andrzej Holanowski

Chapter 8 Pasteurized milk products

Dairy Technology M.Sc. & Ph.D.

Born in Poland Personal interest: Photography Reading tip: ESL definitions and explanations in chapter 8

Mats Hellman, author Dairy processing handbook

Mats Hellman

Chapter 6.10 Automation

Born in Sweden Personal interest: Skiing Quote: “I have been given the opportunity to experience people and cultures all around the world. It gives great opportunities to bring best practices from one place to another and help our customers in their daily work.” Reading tip: The area of production management which is growing very fast in the industry. A continuous drive to improve operational performance of the production process.

Gunnar Mattsson, author Dairy Processing handbook

Gunnar Mattsson

Chapter 5 Collection and reception of milk and chapter 6.11

Service systems M.Sc. Agronomist Born in Sweden Personal interest: Gardening Quote: “I have discovered that most things come around.”

Birgitta Svensson, author Dairy processing handbook

Birgitta Svensson

Chapter 4 Microbiology

Technology specialist, Ph.D.

Born in Sweden Personal interest: My dogs Quote: “When I filled in a form what job I would suit for, criminal investigator came up as first choice.” Reading tip: Microbiology is the reason why we have to do dairy processing. Microbiology is also a way to preserve dairy products and create new products.

Håkan Pålsson, author Dairy processing handbook

Håkan Pålsson

Chapter 6.2 Centrifugal separators and milk standardization.

Diploma in Market Economy, Master in Strategy. Born in Sweden Personal interest: Moose hunting Quote: “Love to work in the garden; planting new plants and see them grow, shaping a new environment.”

Karsten Lauritzen, author Dairy processing handbook

Karsten Lauritzen

Chapter 6.4 Membrane technology

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering and Material Science Born in Denmark Personal interest: I love riding my race bike, especially together with members from my family Quote: “It is funny how life sometimes brings you from a thought to a reality!” Reading tip: The most fascinating thing about membrane technology is probably the complexity of the system, where the membrane is only one of many factors that determine the efficiency of the filtration process and the property of the dairy products produced.

Torben Vilsgaard, author Dairy processing handbook

Torben Vilsgaard

Chapter 19 Ice Cream

M.Sc. Eng. Biotechnology Born in Denmark Personal interest: Being outside in the nature – either walking, running or biking. Quote: “My favourite ice cream is the cheap vanilla frozen dessert, based on vegetable fat and vanillin flavour … here I think you find the clean and undisclosed sensorial ice cream sensation.”

Eelco Verweij, author Dairy processing handbook

Eelco Verweij

Chapter 6.5 Evaporators

Bachelor in Chemical process engineering and Mechanical engineering Born in the Netherlands Personal interest: Football Reading tip: Tough to choose something as the whole chapter is about falling-film evaporator techniques.

Eddy Bronsveld, author Dairy processing handbook

Eddy Bronsveld

Chapter 17 Milk and whey powder

Bachelor in Operational technology Born in the Netherlands Personal interest: Sports Reading tip: Energy economy of spray drying

Nicholas Adamson, author Dairy processing handbook

Nicholas Adamson

Chapter 15 Whey processing

BE Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Born in Australia Personal interest: Playing guitar in my band Reading tip: Manufacturing whey products directly from skim milk.

James Pearse, author Dairy processing handbook

James Pearse

Chapter 1 Primary production of milk

BA (Hons) Social Sciences Born in United Kingdom Personal interest: Running

Pavlos Kouroutsidis, author Dairy processing handbook

Pavlos Kouroutsidis

Chapter 6.3 Homogenizers

MSc Chemical Engineering/Food Technology and Nutrition Born in Sweden Personal interest: Basketball Quote: “I know why you should homogenize ketchup.” Reading tip: Homogenization theory (first section), partial homogenization (second section).

Jaana Mathisson, author Dairy processing handbook

Jaana Mathisson

Chapter 3 Rheology and chapter 6 Heat exchangers

Ph.D. Born in Finland Personal interest: Sports Reading tip: Heat Transfer and Rheology are two subjects that we face on a daily basis. It starts in the morning with the science of rheology which has made it possible for the tooth paste to stay on the toothbrush. Heat exchangers have made it possible for us to drink milk without getting sick.

Ferdinand Franz, author Dairy processing handbook

Ferdinand Franz

Chapter 5 Collection and reception of milk, chapter 7 Designing a process line and chapter 21 Cleaning of dairy equipment.

Business development manager Born in Sweden Personal interest: Hiking Quote: “I’m more or less grown up in a dairy, and my whole family has been working in the same dairy. Father, uncle, brother and sister.”

Cecilia Svensson, author Dairy processing handbook

Cecilia Svensson

Chapter 2 The chemistry of milk, chapter 18 Recombined milk products and chapter 21 Cleaning of dairy equipment

Technology specialist, M.Sc. Food Engineering & Lic.Eng. Ph.D. Born in Sweden Personal interest: Orienteering, skiing, music Quote: “Even if it is almost last in the book and often positioned in a basement, cleaning is so important for producing high quality products.”

Ulrika Rehn, author Dairy processing handbook

Ulrika Rehn

Chapter 6.2 Centrifugal separators and milk standardization

Application specialist Dairy Centrifuges, Ph.D. Born in Sweden