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Moulded ice creams

Moulded ice cream – lollies, bars and more

Ice lollies, ice bars, popsicles or ice poles – these tasty treats are known by many names. And, whether they’re swirled with nuts or fruit, dipped in chocolate or a mix of different colours and flavours, they’re also huge consumer favourites.

Moulded stick novelties form the largest part of the retail ice cream product range. They’re made from ice cream or an ice water mix that’s poured into moulds and frozen.

Production may involve:

  • Products with additions like nuts, fruit and jam
  • Multi-coloured products
  • Products with ripples
  • Shell and core products
  • Products dipped in chocolate or other liquids or dry ingredient coatings

Trends and opportunities

One of the winning entries in our Ice Cream Challenge, where we asked consumers for their best ice cream related ideas, suggested a popsicle with mojito, watermelon and cucumber flavours. Cocktail flavours are on-trend, and the two-in-one idea offers great potential for product extensions. Read more in Inspiration for your ​​​​next ice cream product

Production and processing

Ice cream producers appreciate our system design and technology. A large proportion of moulded stick novelties around the world today are produced on Tetra Pak Moulders lines.

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Ice cream applications, new ideas and recipes

Ice cream

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