We are working with suppliers and customers to minimise our environmental impact across the value chain, from sourcing to production and from use to disposal of our products and equipment.

A value chain approach

We measure our climate performance not just on our own operations, but across our whole value chain. Our 2020 climate goal is to cap emissions across the value chain at 2010 levels despite business growth, and we are making fantastic progress to achieve that.

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Our supply chain accounts for a significant share of the greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain. We work closely with packaging material supplier partners to identify efficiencies, both in their operations and through their own supply chains.

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Tetra Pak operations

As we strive to lead the sustainability transformation, we want our own operations to be a global benchmark. This means maximising efficiency and minimising waste through World Class Manufacturing, using and investing in renewable power, and utilising certified “green buildings”.

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Forty percent of our total climate impact comes from equipment use by our customers. We support them to reduce their carbon footprint and costs through more efficient processing and packaging equipment and products, as well as services to reduce energy use, water consumption, waste and food loss.

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Post-consumer recycling

We take a proactive and pioneering approach to make sure cartons are collected, sorted and recycled so that they keep delivering value.

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