Tetra Pak® R2

Compact, integrated, flexible machine

  • The Tetra Pak® R2 can produce 5 package volumes and offers quick conversion between different volumes with the same bottom format (30 minutes) and 5 hours for different formats (Mini and Midi).
  • Space-efficient machine (only 60 m²) containing forming, filling, sealing and work space
  • High level of automation reduces the need for manual operation (one person only)


Integrated equipment


The three functions – forming, filling and sealing – are all integrated into this compact machine which saves space on your factory floor. All critical functions are accessible from floor level.

Easy volume change

Get the most from your investment!

The entire Tetra Recart packaging portfolio can be produced on the Tetra Pak R2 machine. A trained operator can switch between volumes in approximately 30 minutes.To change between different formats, 5 hours are needed. This means you can produce a series of products, or a multi-size product family, with just one machine.

Operator interface

Operators work swiftly, efficiently

Several factors make this filling machine easy to operate: the Tetra Pak Operator Panel with its intuitive touch-screen interface; large windows enabling operators to watch production directly; and ground-level access to essential working parts.

Encased working parts

Low noise levels

All the moving parts are positioned on the inside of the machine, which is enclosed in a metal casing and sealed with tight-fitting doors. The result is a plant environment with relatively low noise levels (75 dB) compared with industry norms.

Carton blanks

Space-efficient and lightweight

This machine is fed with carton blanks from cardboard boxes with a minimum of manual handling. The blanks are flat-packed to save space. You can fit 32 000 empty Tetra Recart cartons on a 1150 x 800 mm. pallet, compared with 3120 cans, leading to savings in distribution and storage costs.

Induction sealing

Controlled, continuous sealing

The aluminium foil is heated under tight control, melting the plastic in the packaging material. The package is then sealed by pressure. The machine monitors the temperature and pressure, and stops automatically if incorrect parameters are detected.

PLMS data

Control and analysis

PLMS data is collected based on the FM production code, and can be extracted either during or after production. The full line information can be shared with operators and engineers to ensure optimum performance and production efficiency.

Package Types

Tetra Recart® Midi

340 ml 390 ml 440 ml 500 ml

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