Tetra Pak® E3/Flex

Designed based on operational flexibility

  • First chilled filling machine for family packages equipped with eBeam sterilisation technology
  • Producing the new Tetra Brik® 900 Ultra Edge package
  • Equipped with a DIMC module for LightCap™ 30 and WingCap™ 30 pre-laminated hole (PLH) at a selectable machine capacity of 6000 and 7000 p/h​
  • Suitable for production of extended shelf life products


Peroxide free machine

Using eBeam technology for packaging material disinfection

  • The Tetra Pak® E3/Flex is a filling machine for chilled products and does not require packaging material sterilisation. Hydrogen peroxide will only be required to sterilise the machine in a very small quantity.
  • The Tetra Pak® E3/Flex filling machine is suitable for the production of Extended Shelf Life products and utilises one eBeam lamp to disinfect the inner part of the packaging material.
New servo toolbox for DIMC

Controlled moulding movements

The Direct Injection Moulding Concept (DIMC) station on Tetra Pak® E3 is now activated by a motor driven tool box instead of a pneumatic cylinder. The Servo Toolbox guarantees a controlled movement in terms of moulding position and moulding closing torque.

Web Position Active Control

Enhanced sealing quality and reduced dust

This new feature improves two important aspects of the filling machine functionality:

  • Sealing quality because the web position accuracy is improved through a dynamic correction of the position
  • Reduced dust because the device is not in contact with the edges of the packaging material
Tube Position Active Control

Automatic adjustment in packaging material positioning

This new feature reads the rotations of the packaging material during transient phases and corrects the creases alignment of the package. It enables the Web Position Active Control to make adjustments automatic.

New operator interface

Wide screen

The operator panel has a new look and feel and a wider screen – in 16:9. More intuitive icons are available with added functionality and improved usability. The time required to perform the different operations has been reduced.

Package Types